Time keeps marching on. It won’t stop as much as I really want it to.

It has taken me way too long to even sit down to view and edit these images, but I don’t even care anymore, because that means I am soaking in my time with my littles. I won’t get this time back, and it’s just moving along way too quickly.


To our 8 year old daughter –


I’m glad we captured your 8 year old you. Please don’t grow up too fast…

I love when you laugh so hard you can’t stop – you show your big space in-between your two front teeth that I (your momma) used to wear. You’re a part of me, and I adore it on you.

I love when you fill me in about school and then role play the teacher role perfectly to your two younger sisters.

I love that you pick an extremely large handful of chips for your dessert. You are such a salt lover, and you know what…? It leaves more chocolate for me. 😉

I love when you kiss and hug me as loooong as possible. I’m not sure if you are really enjoying saying goodnight or just trying to prolong bedtime.

I love how you don’t care about getting dirty. You are such a great helper with tasks around the house and with the animal chores. You do your task, and you do it well.

I love that you are a dreamer like your daddy. Keep dreaming about your big horse, girlie. How many pictures did you need to paint? And how many lemonade stands did you talk about doing?

I love how you help lead devotions every morning and show such a desire to pray and read your Bible. Keep growing in Him.

We are so thankful for you, and I love walking hand in hand through life with you.
















































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Hey all!


How have you been? It’s been some time since we have visited our blog. We have been truly enjoying family time. And yes… we are still working on Roots Ranch. Thank you to all who have asked for updates. We hope to update you! The big projects that stand out since writing last: painting our house and barn, putting in a new pressure tank, and working on our master bath. I am hearing plumbing pipes being cut right now as I type. Hoping to get our vanity in soon!


Celebrating this guys 1/2 year birthday this week. Half birthdays are a big deal, you know. Especially for a summer birthday. You get to actually celebrate at school. His request… lunch date together at school and Krispy Kremes for his class. I think I can manage. I’m looking forward to hanging out with this young man!























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It’s a new season for us… with a lot of changes.


Numbers-02_3First off, our business name has changed 


Roots Photography & Design, LLP


Roots, LLP

Our vision down the road with our business is to not just be solely photography. We hope to have branches under our name like farm life, products to sell, photography, and so forth. We will see where it leads.


Numbers-03_3Next up, projects and house changes


This was my Mother’s Day present made by Tater and the kids this year. I was not allowed to go into the barn for an entire week. They kept it a good secret. I had to close my eyes as they walked me out to this beauty:




It’s a 20′ 1″ table with two 18′ benches… all on rollers for easy movement. It works great for our big family. The kids left me little notes that already washed off from the rain. We plan to paint it someday and set it out on the back patio.




IMG_6429_2 IMG_6435_6



We have finished adding the sills and casings in our home and have spent hours getting splattered paint off our floors.

8O6A3380_1    8O6A3382_1


Our son’s room































We got rid of the extra closet to make his bedroom a bit bigger.



Other closet before:















































8O6A3368_1 8O6A3373_1


Numbers-04_3Many new babies were born this week


Roots Ranch has had a change of pace lately: A combination of taking care of our sickness indoors and special announcements coming from outside in the barn.




One of these things is not like the others…



Found our cat nestled in amongst the chickens with her own little one.



Snuggling together



The girls checking out all the activity going on in the barn and coming in to let us know of all the updates.



Numbers-05_3Lastly, we have decided to take a break from photography for now. This will hopefully be for just a season. Not sure how long the season will be. We will play that by ear and let you know when we decide to pick it back up. The main decision for this is to focus on our kiddos right now and really invest in them. They are at such fun and impressionable ages and the days are passing quickly. Photography is something on the side that we can put off for now. We thank all of our faithful clients and will miss each and every one of you!! These past 7 1/2 years of business have been fun. We will still try to blog and keep our skills up with random updates and post. And, we will still be honoring sessions with those who have gift certificates with us, so please don’t be shy to still contact us! We look forward to completing the sessions that we have scheduled!




Thank you to all our readers. We love you!

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  1. Echexlibepa wrote: The bedroom update looks amazing! I'm sure your son loves it... Love all the new life happening in your barn. What a cool adventure for the kids to witness God's creations! Totally understand your taking a break from doing sessions... It's a hard balance when you love to do something, but have to spend so much time away from your littles as well. God will lead you in all your continued paths :) Many blessings to your family! <3 (05/23/15, 9:17 am)

  2. mypusd.org wrote: Wishing you God's Blessing's Haley and Tater in the next chapter of your life! I'm still waiting to buy that Awesome Coffee Table Book! I will, be your first customer! With Love and Prayers ~ Marcia Rink (05/23/15, 5:46 pm)


We had the privilege of photographing this sweet family. Mom was a 3rd grade teacher to our son and a fantastic one at that! To make it extra special, this little guy was born on my birthday. Here is Charlie – at 15 days…






Big sis is such a doll and is doing a wonderful job with taking care of her little brother.




8O6A2807_1 8O6A2882_1



8O6A2844_1  8O6A2865_1 




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No more peeping toms when trying to go to the bathroom. Our knobs are installed, and we can actually lock the doors. It’s the little things that get us all excited, but I have to admit… I did love seeing those little eyes and smiles peek through. 😉






8O6A2384_1  8O6A2390_1








Hallway BEFORE (during first day demo actually).








The hallway has 2 round skylights. We love the natural light we get coming through those openings. http://capturingroots.com/blog/2015/02/27/peek-a-boo-doorknobs-and-hallway-before-and-after/Before they had a simple bulb with a frosted round bowl. We removed the bowl when renovating and later decided to add hanging lights to add some interest.



8O6A2532_1  8O6A2545_1

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  1. rejoin computer to domain wrote: just one surprise after another. luv it!!!! (02/27/15, 9:23 am)

  2. mypusd.org wrote: Love the lights, so unique and COOL!!!! (02/27/15, 12:17 pm)

  3. English to Greek wrote: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! (02/27/15, 2:10 pm)

  4. Echexlibepa wrote: SO Pretty and Sparkly!!! (02/27/15, 5:05 pm)

  5. mypusd.org wrote: Awesome!! Where r the door handles from? And I love the floor. What is the name of it and where did u get it? (02/27/15, 11:23 pm)


Our 3 girls share a bedroom. They did at our other house, and we knew they would here. The only difference was they were getting out of the baby stage and getting bigger.

Before, the 2 older girls had shared a bed and the other was in a crib with no rail (aka: our version of a toddler bed). We knew the crib had to go, but we were not sure how we were going to make their new space work.

Thankfully, we were given bunk beds at just the right time. We painted the one for the girls’ room white.


This is what their bedroom looked like on closing day.









We had fun with this room. We used a lot of things we already had and changed them up a bit.

The dresser was once black. We used it our other house to hold frames and props in our studio. We painted that white as well and sprayed the knobs gold. We also sprayed an old frame that we had and turned it into a mirror.

We didn’t know what to do for a light in that room. I had thought of using this chandelier that we used for photo shoots. It seemed to drown in the space and didn’t seem quite big enough. http://capturingroots.com/blog/2015/02/19/our-girls-bedroom-before-and-after/ http://capturingroots.com/blog/2015/02/19/our-girls-bedroom-before-and-after/That is when we thought of adding this medallion at the top. Yep, we sprayed that metallic gold too.

8O6A2501_1 8O6A2502_1


8O6A2507_1 8O6A2508_1


This was a fun idea that we got from Tater’s sister to hang more of the girls’ things. Hobby Lobby antlers painted all girly.



We randomly spaced wall decal dots from Land of Nod (They are easily removable – love them).



Tater made another mirror smaller in size for the girls room. Wood used from my parents home. I love how I think of them every time I look at it.

8O6A2525_1 8O6A2527_1


We decided no doors for the closet. They came into the room too much making it feel smaller. We plan to add curtains or something to frame that space better and have the option to close it off.



It is cozy, but the girls don’t seem to mind. The beds pull out so the bedroom can sleep 5. Slumber party, anyone?



Goals for this room:

  • Finish window casing and add window sill.
  • Add curtains and rod to frame closet space.

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  1. g-ma d. wrote: Your talents are overwhelming!!!! Love it all!!! (02/19/15, 8:11 am)

  2. Tammy wrote: you guys are truly amazing! Such a wonderful loving family! (02/19/15, 5:18 pm)

  3. rejoin computer to domain wrote: I love the decal dots!! So pretty! (02/19/15, 6:33 pm)

  4. mypusd.org wrote: Love this too!!! My daughter would love this room. Same question about the floor...name and where from? (02/27/15, 11:28 pm)


Because sometimes you just got to include your little sister that is sitting on the sidelines and wants her picture taken too…

8O6A2077_1 8O6A2085_1

Mismatched socks and all…

8O6A2086_1 8O6A2090_1


The image cropped in shows their personalities.

1. One is sweet and affectionate.

2. The other is crazy and fun.

Can you tell which one is which? 😉





Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Nana & Papa wrote: Those two dolls are so cute. Waste no time getting them to Fort Myers (02/14/15, 8:11 am)

  2. Grandma d wrote: Love them dearly!!! So sweet. Time passes so swiftly. Enjoy them to the utmost!!! (02/14/15, 9:54 am)


We had ordered some wire from Vintage Wire and Supply for our light project. The company sent some fun extra wire for us to enjoy. Our son was excited to use the wire, and the guys used it to create a vintage hanging light together. They ended up writing out the steps to use for his 4-H presentation.

This is what he put together… just in case you’re interested in making your own fabulous vintage hanging light. :)























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  1. g-ma d. wrote: Great job Landon!!! You should get a blue ribbon !!! (02/10/15, 10:23 pm)

  2. Duane Schieler wrote: What a valuable lesson for him to learn!! At such a young age, wow !! (02/11/15, 5:11 am)

  3. Nana wrote: Good job Landon!! I see a blue ribbon coming your way! (02/11/15, 7:10 am)

  4. Marla H. wrote: I love this! What a great little reading light for him! Amazing job Landon!! (02/11/15, 1:56 pm)

  5. Tammy wrote: Nice job! (02/11/15, 2:02 pm)

  6. Lynn wrote: Great job! Teach them when they are young.....so proud of him! (02/11/15, 4:28 pm)




Last night she lost her first tooth. She had been working on wiggling that thing out for about a month now, and it was finally hanging by a thread. I told her to get a kleenex, and I would check it.

I pulled it out without her knowing and told her to go check it out in the mirror to see how loose it was.

She hopped onto the bathroom stool all ready to see her tooth hanging there. Her face was priceless. It went from -let me see- smiles to complete shock as her jaw dropped and her eyes opened very wide. Where did it go!?!

She had no idea that I had pulled it out. We all had a good laugh. Oh, to remember these special everyday moments. I hope they last.


It has been the talk of today as she playfully pushes her tongue through the space where her tooth once was.

“Look at me smile, Mom.”

“Do I look different?”

“Don’t I look soooo old with my tooth gone?”

“Do I talk different, Mom?”

Yes… my love. You are growing up before my very eyes. I am thankful that we capture these images of you to hold onto and remember you as you are today.


Our big 6 year old:




8O6A1960_1 8O6A1975_1




8O6A1985_1 8O6A2201_1












She has a love for cute and cuddly things. Wouldn’t you all agree?






She is supposed to pick her favorite 5 to leave on her bed, and the rest go in the toy chest beside her. Somehow more appear on her bed everyday. http://capturingroots.com/blog/2015/02/06/6-years-old-and-growing/How can she pick only 5 when she has a heart for them all!?! She is beginning to run out of room to sleep.

I spy her. Can you? 😉




8O6A2119_1 8O6A2140_1










It’s only appropriate since we started with a crazy face, to end with a variety of them.




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  1. Gma D.. wrote: Priceless!!!!! (02/07/15, 11:32 am)

  2. Jill Tucci wrote: An absolute beauty just like her mama! (02/10/15, 11:38 am)


Things are coming together. Working on electrical. Actually I should say Tater is. I’m just nearby holding a flashlight asking…

“Are you sure that wire is not hot?”

“Ya sure?”

“I just want you safe, Honey.”

“It’s not hot, right?

…I’m not sure how much of an assistant I really am. 😉

Our large living room only had one ceiling light. At night it got dark, so we knew we wanted to add additional light at some point. Tater has been thinking up these chandeliers for some time now, and I am beyond thrilled with how they turned out. He came up with this idea one day when he found these cages in a barn. By adding a few other things, we now have 3 chandeliers going down the middle of our living room.





Ready to start the project.



Wire was carried throughout the length of the room.




Before hanging the lights, the girls enjoyed using the shades as pretend animal cages.




Deciding on the bulbs was a family vote. We originally had put in vintage light bulbs. We loved the look, but the light it put forth was too orange. The round bulbs won.



Tater put them on a remote controlled dimmer. He has completely spoiled me.

8O6A2356 8O6A2359



8O6A2333_1 8O6A2345_1


We have SO much more light now. It is so bright. Love it.



At the beginning of the month, we put in our backsplash. This was our first tile laying and grouting experience.

And yes, I’m loving the oven we waited 8 months for. We had to sand the concrete countertop a bit and cut into our cabinets to get it to fit, but we are thankful for the bigger oven and a microwave that works!

8O6A2314_1   8O6A2319_1


Just for fun. A reminder of what backsplash was here before. Super cute animals I do have to say. The ironic thing is that this was getting torn out exactly a year ago!!









We got the backsplash tile from my brother-in-law at Hartter Interiors. We also have been getting a lot of questions about our “wood” tile that you see in the above living room picture. That was also from Hartter Interiors. It has taken quite a beating with Christmas decorations, projects, kids, and moving furniture. http://capturingroots.com/blog/2015/01/27/let-there-be-light/We haven’t worried about it for a bit. The fake wood flooring has been one of our most favorite investments!

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