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These are some of the pictures from our trip to MI a few weeks ago…

photo above taken by my Mom. Thanks mom~ it’s great to have the pictures you took!

photo below of Tater and I taken by my mom

The girls (my mom and my sisters)

Mom and Dad with all the grandkids

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We wanted to share these images of a recent wedding we shot. Even though we no longer photograph weddings, we wanted others to enjoy this beautiful day. 

T&J, Congratulations! Thanks for your friendship. We were honored to take part in your special day. May God bless your new life together!













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These images were taken on Landon’s 3rd birthday. We had a fantastic day with him… Tater took the day off, so in the morning we took the pictures you see here. Then we let him pick his favorite restaurant for lunch. You’d think a 3 year old would pick McDonald’s or something along those lines, but this boy has high class taste. I think we are in trouble because he loves to eat steak, sushi, and lobster. To his picking we went to “Lobster Red” (Red Lobster) for lunch. In the evening, we took him to the fair. What a memorable day.









looking at the horses at the fair…

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Not only do we have so much fun shooting senior sessions, but we love horses as well. So this session was especially fun for us as we captured a senior with her horse. We had the opportunity to also watch her show her horse at the fair, and she did an awesome job.

Good luck with your senior year!











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Welcome to our new blog! We are so thrilled to be able to show you LARGER images. Theresa has been so great to work with.

Here are Elle’s one year images… MANY more images to come (family, vacations, and recent sessions). Stay tuned!





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