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We have a lot marked off of our things to do list, and we are ready for our new little one to arrive. I have been nesting a lot this past month and have finally slowed down these past few days. The anxiousness and excitement are here and the belly is getting tight. This is how far we have gotten these past few weeks…


Here are some pictures since we have been neglecting our blog. This is Elle in her new big girl bed. It is a twin day bed with a trundle which makes it taller than I thought it would be. We did put a bed rail up 😉 She adjusted well even though I still worry about her getting out by herself.

She looks so tiny in this bed.

Landon also did well when we switched him to his new room.

Our sleeping boy. Aren’t kids so fun to watch when sleeping?

On a side note: For those who are subscribed to our blog, there are a few problems that we are working out. So if you have not been receiving our updates, we hope to fix that shortly.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We’ll let you know when our big news is here!    🙂

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We had a wonderful day… We did the pumpkins you see above, made a pumpkin dessert, listened to music, and had the windows open. It was great!

In the evening we dressed up and went to Morton for trick or treating and got lots of candy.


Elle was a butterfly. She was given a costume that one of her cousins had worn last year.




This is the grin we get from her lately (especially after putting food on her highchair). The girl loves to eat.




A few weeks ago Landon saw his cousins all dressed up in their Transformer costumes. He had never heard of Transformers before but once he saw them all dressed up, he thought they were the coolest. Later his aunt surprised him and bought him one for his own. He was so excited about wearing his costume. He now wants to wear it all the time.






What else have we been up to lately? 


We just finished our last session for this year. We look forward to starting up again in February. Thank you to all of our 2008 clients who have made this past year so great!


Our baby is nearly a month away from being here so we are getting ready for that. We can’t wait!  


We are in the final stages of finishing our basement. We should be all done in the next few weeks. The studio details will have to wait until after the baby is born, but we have a lot of great ideas and things we are wanting to do with that. 


Please continue to check back as we will still be posting on our blog.

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