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In the first two weeks newborns go through a really sleepy stage which makes for fun photo shoots. So if you are thinking we are going on Briana picture overload, you are right and there are more to come. 🙂 She is already changing daily, and we don’t want to miss a thing. We know how quickly we will forget this newborn stage.

How are we adjusting to 3?

It is quite busy, but it is going well. As of now, she is only waking up 1-2 times a night. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that that continues.

Within the first five minutes of Tater leaving for work for the first time, I had all 3 needing me all at the same time. Briana was crying because she was ready to be nursed, Elle woke up from her nap and wanted me to come get her out of her big girl bed, and then I heard Landon’s voice from the bathroom yelling, “I’M DONE!” I had to smile… who do I go to first? Yes, things are busy, but we are enjoying every moment of it!

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“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”  Luke 2:11

Celebrating the miracle and all of the gifts that God has given us ~ this Christmas and always.




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So we were able to deliver before being induced and before the ice storm came. This experience was much different than the other two. A week overdue and no epidural made it a bit rough, but we are so thankful to God that we have a healthy little girl. She has been a joy and her siblings enjoy her so much.






She was born with hair… more than our other two ever had. 



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As many of you know, we are still here with no baby news. We are a week overdue and keep dreaming of our little one’s arrival…

If I have not gone on my own by Friday, they will induce me then. Thank you to everyone who has been wondering if our newborn has arrived. We also appreciate your prayers. It means a lot! We can’t wait to share our news with you…

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Any day now our new baby should be here… Waiting is so hard. I keep wondering ~ Is it going to be a boy or girl? How will the whole delivery play out? What will the baby look like? How will it change our family dynamics? And so on… Meanwhile, here is a post to help me think of something else.

Here are a few shots taken on the way home from church Thanksgiving day. Hopefully you won’t get sick of our family pictures. Not being in business these next few months, I’m sure you’ll see a lot more of our family pics. 😉 Especially when the newborn arrives.











A few days ago we had a fun family day. We got the kids all bundled up and went out sledding. Walking to the hill Landon asked, ” Is this really a good idea?” I asked why and he replied, “It’s pretty chilly!” He did have fun, but it took us longer to get dressed for the event than to actually sled down the hills.

Once inside and warm we brought in some snow from outside. This is our snowman we made. Somehow the snowman making turned into a snowball fight indoors. Thankfully we have a lot of tile which made for easy clean up. We have been having fun being able to spend some family time before the baby arrives. 

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