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We are getting ready to release our 2009 booking and session information. At this time, sessions will be open for booking. Sessions will begin in late March.

Also coming soon on our website… the Roots Photography & Design boutique. This will give you a glimpse of the product line that we are offering our clients this year.














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May you enjoy the celebrations that this year holds. 

It’s Tater’s birthday today, so we’re off to celebrate!  🙂 





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This was a gift we got for Briana while we were in the hopital, but Elle has claimed it as her own.



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Elle’s new kiss face. It used to be the open mouth, but now she has changed it to this when we ask for a kiss.






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Don’t let these sleeping pictures fool you. She does have her fussy time. In the evenings (off and on) from after supper till about midnight. We really can’t complain though… she is a gem during the day and sleeps from midnight till about 5 in the morning. She is 3 weeks today. 🙂

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I got to play today. My sister took took one kid and my sister-in-law had another. That meant it was just Briana and me today. I forgot how easy one child was to take care of. I got to cuddle with her and truly enjoy her. I also had time to take pictures, eat a bunch of fresh chocolate chip cookies, and catch up on some of my editing. It was super fun! Here is a sneak peek of some of my playtime.












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We hope that everyone is enjoying the new year! This was the card that we created for my parents this year. It was supposed to be a Christmas card… but because of Briana’s late arrival, we had to change it to a New Year’s card. This card is a 5×5 trifold card. Our family card is still yet to come. 🙂




front flap


inside spread



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