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We have been dreaming of a *FAMILY* picture to be taken of us for quite sometime now.       And we got one!!!                                                    Thanks to Heather Bookout



We are so thrilled! Be sure to check out her blog and website.


It all started when we were headed down to Alabama last weekend to pick up some yummy frames for our studio gallery…


In January of 2008, we attended a photography conference called RIPE hosted by Ben & Heather Bookout. It was excellent, and so much fun. They provided us with a vast amount of information, and we learned a lot from them. They have been such an inspiration to us!  

Anyway, we knew that our photographer friends were in that area of Alabama. It just so happened that the day that we were going to meet up with them, they were having a limited edition session. They were willing and ready to squeeze us in. Man, are we glad they did! We will cherish the images that they have created for us ALWAYS.

For those of you *waiting* for a family image to be taken, please don’t. Capture THIS moment in time. Trust us… you’ll be glad that you did!


Ben & Heather,      

We are so blessed beyond words for the gift that you have given us. You have captured our family so beautifully. We thank you for sharing your talent with us. Our prayers are with you as your family continues to grow.        

Our love,

Tater & Haley and family

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ONE DAY ONLY! We will be offering these special sessions on Saturday, April 25th. It is special pricing, so be sure to reserve your spot! See below for details.


The morning sessions will be for the urban kid.



In the afternoon, we will be doing sessions for modern teens, seniors, and young adults. This is a great opportunity for those who want to update their profile image on Facebook/MySpace or just have some great images around. You will get to model for us, and I’m sure we will have fun creating images with style.


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The possibilities are endless with The Luxe: our exquisite, top of the line, custom designed album. The inside spreads are designed to express your style and display your cherished images. 

The album we are featuring is an album we created for a 2009 senior, and it can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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