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Look who’s one! Isn’t she a cutie? 





Big brother who just turned 3!


The picture below would be Tater tickling him. I love it! Who says you can’t have any fun during a photo session. They went on a trek looking for dinosaurs.


Tater and I both enjoy looking at this picture. I love it because it captures them in the moment. Love, love, love how she is sitting on this stool and looking to the side.  



one more to leave you with…

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How cool is this sink?      


This uniquely built concrete sink was designed and created for our studio by Concrete Evolutions

We are doing some commercial work for them. They also are making our patio in our backyard, so we’ll have to post some pictures of that when it is completed. Concrete Evolutions was recently featured in the Pantagraph. The work this business does is fabulous!

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We’ve been a bit busy, and WordPress has been giving us fits…  so we are behind in posting our sessions.


We captured these cuties earlier this month. We have photographed some of their extended family in the past. You can see that here.





To the B family ~ It was fun to see your family again. It also was an honor to capture your roots. We are excited about your addition coming to your family, and are looking forward to showing you the rest of your images!

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We had to post a bit more from this session. She is so energetic and fun… it was so uplifting and great to be around. In fact, if we had her energy, the landscaping and deck we are currently working on would be completed within one day!


Love her. Can you say ADORABLE!?!








Thank you to all who took part in our urban mini sessions. We had so much fun. Part of the proceeds went to benefit the Midwest Food Bank. We hope to do another mini session when things slow down a bit. Not sure when that will be.  😉  We thank you for your participation! ♥

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We were so excited when this family booked for the mini session… because they are family. We can’t get enough of our niece and nephews. They are so fun, so sweet, and we love them so much!

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These two were an absolute joy to work with. Their kind and sweet demeanor was so great to be around. Their inner beauty definitely matches these great images of them.





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Here are some stylin’ brothers that we got to photograph during the urban sessions. Lovin’ the ties and the hair.


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