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We had a fun time… This session was brought indoors to our studio because of the extremely hot weather and thunderstorms. We could have rescheduled, but this family was so flexible and easy. This family means so much to us! Not only are they great to be around, but they are a true example of what it means to give of your time and talent.

S. family ~ Thank you for everything you do! We love you all so much!

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         …than THIS

*trying to keep with up with her changes each month. It is moving too quickly! I want to freeze time sometimes.


Wow, I can’t believe that our little girl is 6 months old! She brings us so much joy! I cherish each smile, touch, and sweet giggle we receive from her. I want to remember everything! I spent yesterday afternoon jotting down things in the kids’ memory/baby books. I also keep our video camera on the kitchen counter so I grab it more often . Anything to help us remember these precious times!

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The picture above was my gift to Tater for Father’s Day (really a gift for me instead). We needed some pictures around of him and the kids. A lot of our images have been bright and cheerful lately, so I was ready for something more moody and serious. 


I asked Landon what he wanted to give daddy for Father’s Day. Right away he knew what he wanted to give. With a big grin on his face he replied,  “I want to give him a water gun so we can get each other in the yard!”  So we went out and bought 2 water guns. I was bound and determined to keep this gift a secret considering what happened for Mothers’s Day. 


For Mother’s Day Landon said that he and daddy had a secret gift for me. One day they had me stay in the truck in Lowe’s parking lot with the girls. When they returned, Landon exclaimed, “We couldn’t find your rain boots anywhere!” Hmm… it wasn’t hard for me to figure out what my present was going to be. 😉


I told Landon, “You have to be very careful not to say anything.” He did real good until two nights ago. We were saying our bedtime prayers and Landon was praying outloud…  “… And thank you for the water guns.” Instantly I could see the smirk come across Tater’s face. So I said to Landon, “You can’t tell daddy about that, remember?” To which Landon replied, “Oh, I didn’t Mom; I just said it in my prayer.”


May you all have a wonderful Father’s Day!


“Now unto God and our Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.” Philippians 4:20

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We love the texture and colors of this session. Layers, colors, and textures add so much to a photograph. We love when our clients bring several outfits, hair clips, jewelry, and other fun accessories.

The girls are adorable, and their clothing is fun. We had a blast capturing these images! Check out how much they have grown from last year

We love you girls and your entire family!











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Tater texted me a few weeks ago and said I needed to have the kids and me packed for June 5th – 9th. Of course, I asked WHY and what are we doing!?!?! I knew it probably had something to do with our 6th year anniversary on June 8th. I was so excited!!!

I tried to get as much information out of him as I could and of course he told me NOTHING! Actually, I did get several clues as the days went on:

  1. 1305 (which ended up being the address)
  2. 9 and 3 (interstate 39 was our driving route)
  3. A sticker on Landon’s VBS craft (found out later it was a lion)
  4. A place we want to travel (ended up being Africa)
  5. Bags don’t need to shut (ruled out flying)
  6. dress warm, comfy, and slightly casual
  • Well the clues meant nothing to me.  I STILL had NO clue even up to the day. My guess was that we were dropping the kids off at my sister in-laws and that we were spending some time alone at some nearby place.
Well the day came… 
  • We began traveling North on I-39. Now I am thinking we are dropping the kids off at my sister’s place in Roanoke. Tried calling her – no answer. grrr… Tried calling my parents to see if they knew where my sister was – no answer. WHERE IS EVERYONE!?!?! Are they not answering their phones on purpose?
  • We took the EL Paso exit and pulled into the Dairy Queen. My parents were awaiting us in the parking lot. What were they doing there and what was going on!?!?! I could see that their vehicle was packed. 
  • They told me that Tater had asked them to take this trip with us to help us watch the kids, BUT THEY HAD NO CLUE WHERE THEY WERE GOING EITHER! 
  • I couldn’t believe that they agreed to it, but mostly, that my Mom couldn’t get any information out of Tater either. That is really saying something!!!
Well, when we entered Wisconsin I guessed somewhere in the Dells. I was right. 😉 We stayed at the Kalahari Resort (check out this website). It was a very fun surprise!
  • I ended up getting the best of both worlds. Having a wonderful family vacation, and having alone time with Tater (thanks to my parents). We all had such a blast, and it is a trip I will never forget!
Here are a few things we did:
  • water park
  • riding the wave
  • horse carriage ride
  • go carts
  • arcade
  • rock climbing wall
  • pottery
  • ropes course
  • bowling
  • ride the ducks
  • shopping
  • played Toss Your Cookies
  • mini-golf
  • movie
  • riding the ferris wheel
* I do have to say, I was a bit nervous to do some of the waterslides, surf thing, and ropes course. I feel like I have been pregnant the last 3 1/2 years, so finally being able to try those things again felt nerve-racking, but fun*
  • Enjoy looking at a taste of our our get away!  You can check it out here:
  • I did bring our big camera, but did not want to carry it around. So the pictures are given to us from my mom. Not only were they our babysitters on the trip, but our photographers too. 😉

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Yes, she is our little toe picker. The girl loves to pick her toes. It keeps her so entertained. She is completely fascinated by them and loves looking for all the grime she can pick out.

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So after the last session, I had realized that I had never done Briana’s 5 month pictures. We try to do one each month for the first year. Each month I notice keeps getting later. By now she is 5 1/2 months, but hey, she still made the month, right?

Since I had everything there and ready, I plopped her down and took a few. My mom helped set her up for me because she doesn’t like the whole tummy thing yet. Thus, the post title…



T – I – M – B – E – R!


I could barely photograph her because we were laughing so much…  whenever she got propped up, it happened – she would fall to the side!

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