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Hey Tater here:

This may seem like a weird post, but allow me to explain.  I have been priviledged to work with the Acute Rehab staff at BroMenn for the past several months and have truly enjoyed myself.  They have all been such a joy to work with.  They surprised me the other day with this potato as an honor to my name.  This is truly one potato that happened to look like Mickey Mouse.  Their artistic ability really did turn this tater into Mickey.



Now for the story behind the name…

Why the name you ask?  Well I get this question a lot, so I thought I would let everyone in on how my nickname (name) came to be.  When I was a baby, I did not crawl as my siblings did.  I would crawl using my head and feet.  I really did not use my knees a whole lot.  I really liked the static electricity that it created.  I would crawl for hours in this position.  When I would run into something, I would just back up and go a different direction.  However, my nickname used to be Taterbug.  Yes, Taterbug!  Mom told me that there was a bug that used to like the potato plants in our garden.  They were kind of hunched over looking, and I must have resembled that because this is how my amazing mom first coined my name.  Now that I am so much more mature, (right), it has been shortened to Tater.  As a child I did not like the name at all and many in the family would tease me about my name.  It really was easier to call me Tater because if you used my birth name, David, then it was hard to distinguish between my dad and me. There are a lot of benefits to having the same name as your dad, but it does have its draw backs and so “Tater” it is.  Many of my friends and colleagues call me Tater, but there are a few that just cannot bring themselves to using that name.  I am really OK with any name. I just am so used to responding to Tater that if you call me David, I may not answer right away.  Again thank you to my parents for a rockin’ name and for a lifetime of explaining myself, really I do love it. 🙂


Acute Rehab – Thank you so much for this and for putting up with me.



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We also got to photograph Katelyn’s side of the family. She is one of 12 kids. This session was decided the day of. Props to this family for having everyone available, getting everyone there, and having outfits coordinated SO last minute. For as many of them as there are, they were so well behaved, super kind, and so much fun to be around. 

(“T” family ~ We could feel your love radiating all around you. You are such a blessing!)




This next shot was requested by dad. The kids were not so excited about the line up, but we are SO glad that we did this shot. We had never seen them all in their birth order. So fun to see! (Thanks you guys for participating) 😉 LOVE it!



The boys outnumber the girls in this family. As you can see from the image above, the last 6 kids were boys. Here are the beautiful sisters…



I bet their family get togethers are so much fun. It is so great to see the friendships between siblings… they all were taking care of each other. With this big family, there is a whole lot of love.

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We believe in God’s awesomeness, His ultimate healing, and the power of prayer…

Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer, nor his mercy from me.” Psalm 66:20




The power of prayer… That is why we want to share with you this family’s story. They covet your prayers. They’ve been given a difficult journey to travel on. This husband and father of two precious little girls is currently battling cancer. For those of you who are reading this, please take a moment right now to stop and lift them up to God in prayer. If you don’t know what to pray for, you may pray for a miracle of healing, strength to overcome the tough times, wisdom in deciding the appropriate medical steps and decision making, and a true/pure joy during their times together as a family.

Next week they will be traveling to Mexico for alternative cancer treatment. Please continue to keep them in your prayers during this time.

“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” Philippians 4:6


















Jordan and Katelyn,


          Thank you so much for letting us photograph your beautiful family. We become so connected and attached to each and every client of ours, but our hearts feel especially bonded to you.


As the images were edited, we watched your faces and the love you have for each other come through on our computer screen. Tears have been shed… prayers have been said…   Not knowing what the future holds, we do know who holds the future.


We lift your burden of what you are going through to God. You have become a part of our lives. You have touched our hearts, and you are such an example of what it means to love, honor, and follow God.


Jordan, we love the verse you shared on your site“…so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body…” Philippians 1:20. Christ can definitely be seen and magnified in all of your lives. Jordan, Katelyn and girls… We lift you up to the throne of God, and we love you all so much. May you treasure these images always.



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It is great to call this senior family. It is neat to see how these young men have matured (yes, I used to babysit them both). We thank God for the direction they are taking in life, and are so proud of them. 











Enjoy your senior year Joe!

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“J” family ~ You have such wonderful girls. The wall display that you ordered from us is going to be stunning. We cannot wait to give you your final art products to showcase in your home. You were so fun and easy to work with. It was a joy to meet you!






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How could you not after seeing this face…






precious little sis…







Z family ~ You have such an adorable family! It’s been fun “getting to know you.” 🙂

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Tater surprised us and ordered Elle and me matching Matilda Jane dresses. Here we are in our matching getup on Elle’s 2nd birthday. 




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It’s that time of year. BACK TO SCHOOL!


It’s hard to believe that my very first class of students are going into high school… HIGH SCHOOL. I taught them at Peoria Christian School when they were in first grade!! Time has flown, and I am beginning to feel old. 


I also can’t believe that a few of my cousins are seniors this year. Including this one…










Congratulations Tate! I hope it is a great year for you! We love you.


*To ALL of the students that I had in first grade… I still think about you a lot, pray for you, and wish you the best this school year! *

~Miss Kruse/Mrs. Kieser 🙂

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We had so much fun with this little girl. Her mother let us take her and do our thing. Isn’t she a doll? We love her excitement shown here.







She was a pleasure to photograph! We are looking forward to your family session in September! We are also excited for your order to come in. That first image in the Lollipop frame is going to be fabulous!!!!

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We got these Jones Sodas for the kids’ birthdays. They thought it was so cool that it had their very own picture on the front. They begged to drink their special pop on the new patio. 



For those of you who participated in our Summer Mini Sessions ~ If you receive the Master Blaster Package, you will get a free 6 pack of Jones Soda with your image on the front! A personal message can be placed on the bottle like you see above. Be thinking of what message you would like on yours. 🙂



At the beginning of the summer, I had asked Tater to help fix our deck. With 3 little kids at home, I knew I probably wouldn’t be getting out much, so I wanted a little area that I could take the kids out to play. Our old deck was a splintery mess, so we really never used it. The front yard was also a problem. I would get the kids all situated with their toys… before I knew it, I had to run in quick for a kleenex, run in to help somebody go potty, run in to grab a burp rag, run in to… you get the picture. Well, when I needed one little thing, we ALL would come in (so no one would wonder off or go in the street). As you can imagine, we were in and out a lot.

Well, our summer project is now complete! What you see below is the finished product of our new outdoor space. I love it! Tater not only built me a new deck (splinter free!), but we also added on a patio by Concrete Evolutions and window well screens (so the kids don’t fall in) with a stone wall. We also decided at the end to add a bamboo fence for privacy and wind control. 



The kids are enjoying our new outdoor living space too. We put up baby gates on the deck for the times that I do need to go in and out, in and out, and in and out… But this time I don’t have to take everyone in and out with me – AAH! 😀



The party lights that hang above add a special mood to our area in the evenings. We are so thankful, and truly have been enjoying these beautiful summer nights. God is so good!



In fact, we aren’t the only ones enjoying this new space… We got some little feathered friends who are also taking advantage of it. Notice our new little friend “Mr. Owl” (whom I’m bound to get rid of one of these days). He is out there to scare the birds away. 😉

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