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We had the opportunity to go around town and photograph the fine work of Concrete Evolutions. It was beautiful to see the variety of services they offer. Below you can see a few of the places we got to visit and the amazing work they did for these clients.




Acid staining of the stamped concrete has given this living space a rich and luxurious feel.






Stamped concrete added the finishing touch to this surrounding pool area.






Concrete edging



Stamped concrete with an engraved border



Aggregate patio






Increase useable space by adding on to your existing patio.



Create dimension to your outdoor living area by having a custom designed patio integrated into your deck.



Here is our custom designed stamped patio that Concrete Evolutions created for us. We love this space. We have enjoyed outdoor entertaining in this private retreat.




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… to parents that love you unconditionally, do anything for you, and are there by your side.  Seriously, we can never thank them enough!!!


We are blessed to have two sets of parents that always go above and beyond for us and our family. At this stage in our life, we are looking back on how they have raised us, and it has been a tremendous help in raising our own kids. 


Below is one set of our parents… Mom and Dad, we love you both so much! You are so good to our kids and make such an impression on them. You definitely make life fun… we never know what the next story will be, the next funny thing that will happen, the next picture you take (you know what I mean) 😉 , or what the next email will say. Thank you for always entertaining us. We love how you want to hang out with us, and how that makes us feel so special. Your home is always open to us and when we leave, you clean up our disaster with no complaints. 🙂 You radiate God’s love. 












 To our other set of parents we wanted to say… Dad and Mom, You are always there for us when we need you. Watching how God has worked in your lives is such a testimony. We love hearing the answered prayers and ways that God is using you and others at the Midwest Food Bank. You always have wise words and direction when we come to you with questions about life. You are always ready to give and do anything for us and provide for us in all areas of life. (including food – i.e. the 3rd supper for us this week that we didn’t have to contribute to or clean up) 😉 We love you!

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 This is my sister’s family… my sister known as my “twin”. Growing up, others would get us mistaken on who was who and sometimes they still do. We don’t mind. Actually it makes a lot of difference depending on how our hair looks…  with our hair the way it is now, we look a bit different. Plus I might add she’s the better looking one. 😉 Here are their family shots continued from THIS session. 


We still have some openings, if you want to help out a great cause: Images for a Cure













We love you “M” family and had so much fun with your session! I love my sisters! 🙂

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They are family, and they are fun. Weren’t these kids just born!?!?… and now they are playing and taking care of our kids. We love them so much.















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Oh the joys of being a girl and loving it!


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* Images for a Cure – October 10th.

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On October 11th, photographers throughout the United States and beyond are coming together in support of breast cancer research. You can find more information at Images for a Cure website.


We are opening up sessions where 100% of all session fees collected for this date will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®.


We have a passion for this cause…    About 1 1/2 years ago, we had a close friend pass away from breast cancer after battling it for about 10 years. We were able to photograph her and her family 3 months before she went home to be with Jesus. We are so thankful that she was able to see the birth of her first grandson and take care of him the first few months of his life. Those images are still so precious to us and the family. She was one to always do things for others, and we are so thankful for the memories that we have of her.




Hitting closer to home, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2005. At first, when you hear the words, they seem so surreal and hard to believe. Thankfully she did not have to undergo chemo or radiation. She had a bilateral mastectomy in December 2005. We can still remember how horrible it was to watch her come out of that surgery. At one point, Tater noticed her breathing only 2 times a minute and had to notify the medical staff. It was a tough first week of recovery, but we are so blessed to have her healthy and with us today. My grandma has also had to fight the fight of breast cancer, and thankfully is a survivor too.
After my mom’s recovery, my mom planned a surprise party for all of those closest to her that helped her during her rocovery (her mom, sisters and daughters). She hired my dear friend, Christin, to be the party planner. Christin is excellent at this, and we all had a ball. When we first arrived, we divided into 2 teams and had a video scavenger hunt. If you have never taken part in one of those, it is a blast. We were given 21 things that we had to accomplish, go find, or do. You have to capture it all on video. We watched our created movies, laughed a bunch, chatted, ate wonderful food, and received the gifts that my mom gave us all (including pedicures for future fun). It was an evening that was filled with love and celebration. 



Since we have prior committments on Sunday, Ocober 11th, we are offering our sessions on Saturday, October 10th. If you are interested in booking a session with us on October 10th to help support this cause, please contact us at to book and talk about your session. 100% of your session fee ($175) will be donated. You also will receive 25 free Chistmas cards from us for sharing your heart and money toward this cause. 


Kristen with Images for a Cure featured us on the blog. You can check it out here.

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Thank you for all the kind comments on our photo session below. We love hearing from you! 

We were looking back at our family pictures from last year. It is crazy how much your family can change within one year. Here we are last year at this time.

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Or in other words… Woo hoo! We have done our Christmas card photo shoot! 


These past few weeks we have been busy taking pictures of clients and family for Christmas cards. We decided to do our own family photo shoot for Christmas pictures this past weekend while we still had a summer tan and good weather. 


We first tried doing it ourselves with a tripod and timer. NOT a good idea with three little kids… I’m sure we would have been hysterical to watch. We got one somewhat good pic out of the bunch. Check out Briana’s face. haha 😉



Thankfully, Mom and Dad Kruse came to save the day. Wanting a more grungy look, we headed outdoors. Mom ran the camera (got settings ready for her, taught her how to focus, and then explained our vision we had with each pose), and Dad helped get the kids attention. They were an awesome team!!! We were so glad to have them help us on the ones we couldn’t take on our own. We love them!

During our first attempts (trying to do it by ourselves), we were thinking, “Why are we doing this?” but truly when we had someone doing it for us, it was a special treat. We loved being on the other side of the camera! It was so much fun! I think we are going to hire them every year. 😉 Here are a few that didn’t make the card…










A few others we took that day…







Here is a slideshow of the rest of the session:



If you want to book a Christmas session with us, please contact us. The last date to hold a Christmas session (in order to have items in time for Christmas) is October 31st. We can’t believe that it already is September!

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We love this little girl. We are amazed at how much she is growing up. We started our business about 2 years ago, and she was one of our first clients. 

Here is she is already at the age of 2. She is the same age as our daughter, and in fact, their birthdays are days apart from each other. It is amazing how they are blossoming. Their personalities are becoming more evident every day.








Thanks for your friendship “P” family!

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