We had the opportunity to go around town and photograph the fine work of Concrete Evolutions. It was beautiful to see the variety of services they offer. Below you can see a few of the places we got to visit and the amazing work they did for these clients.




Acid staining of the stamped concrete has given this living space a rich and luxurious feel.






Stamped concrete added the finishing touch to this surrounding pool area.






Concrete edging



Stamped concrete with an engraved border



Aggregate patio






Increase useable space by adding on to your existing patio.



Create dimension to your outdoor living area by having a custom designed patio integrated into your deck.



Here is our custom designed stamped patio that Concrete Evolutions created for us. We love this space. We have enjoyed outdoor entertaining in this private retreat.




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  1. Denise October 1st, 2009 8:46 am

    What beautiful work!
    It is so neat to see all the different things they can do!
    I loved all of it:)
    Thanks for sharing this unique form of artwork with us!

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