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Tater & I recently flew out to Utah for a photography workshop. It was a lot of fun! It is always hard to leave the kids, but once we are away we really enjoy our time together. This was probably our last getaway before the next little one arrives.

We got a lot out of this trip and enjoyed getting to know the other photographers. Below are the models that we got to style and photograph. It was so much fun having free reign with them, and they were really great to work with!

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I’m late in posting this – time has once again gotten away… We got to enjoy the weather of Fort Myers Florida several weeks back. We were there for 2 weeks visiting our parents. Tater and Landon had not gotten a haircut all winter so they were due for one when we first arrived. Here are before and after pics:



One night we ate dinner at Blu Sushi. the boys changed their mohawks “blue” while the girls went with some pink highlights. 😉

We went to the Everglades one day and got to see some awesome wildlife. It was such a blast, and the kids really enjoyed it. We even got to hold an alligator.

Check out these teeth…



Here is a slideshow of some snapshots from the rest of our trip… 🙂

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