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It wasn’t so at first. When she first entered this world, tears came to his eyes and he quietly said, “but I wanted a boy.” Conversation of a male dog joining the family came up, but we knew he’d be in love the more he got to know her. Yes… now he is excited about his new sister and loves holding her. He asked if he could get this picture with her, and he says that he could just look at her for a LONG time. Thankfully we are holding off on getting that male dog, and until then, he and daddy are enjoying their boy’s nights.

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She still seems so tiny, but we can tell that she is growing everyday. The days are flying by, and we wish we could slow down time. Her belly button cord already fell off, and I was a bit sad as it was just another step in her getting bigger. We have been taking a lot of pictures of her so we don’t forget these special beginning moments. So if you’re not sick of looking… many more pictures will be coming.

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Paisley Joy has given us a heart full of joy. We are enjoying each and every day with this little girl. What a miracle a newborn baby is!

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Tears were flowing from our eyes last night as Tater and I read together Saturday’s update on this couple’s Caring Bridge site. It was a year ago that we photographed this precious family, and their fight of this cancer still continues. They have asked for the word to be spread for others to pray for them… as they need a miracle. Please read their story and lift them up to our great God in prayer… to Him be glory for ever and ever. 2 Timothy 4:18

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The day finally came! A week ago we were blessed with the birth of our fourth child.

The morning began with a doctor appointment. Around lunch time I felt the contractions coming on. Since I got to the hosptial too late with my last pregnancy, we left for the hospital mid-afternoon. I didn’t want to miss my epidural opportunity this time. Our little girl, Paisley Joy, was born at 6:34 pm. Everything went so well, and God’s timing was perfect. We feel so blessed to have a new, healthy little girl. 

Leading up to the big day, I was designing the birth albums of our other kids. One day, Landon was watching me work and saw the images of the other births. He asked if he could watch this baby “be pushed out”. When the day came, we asked him if he still wanted to come to the hospital with us, and he said yes. He got to witness the delivery and helped daddy cut the cord. Afterwards he told me, “Good job Mom… You didn’t even cry.”   

We have been having a great time capturing her early days. Stay tuned!

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