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More frame goodness… the beautiful and curvy single frame.

When coming up with an art photograph to display in this unique frame, we were deciding between 2 images. We had a family vote and with a split decision, “The Tiger With No Teeth” (as our kids would say) became the winner! Here is “The Tiger With Teeth” image that didn’t quite make it. 😉

This frame and “The Tiger With No Teeth” art print by Roots Photography & Design will be auctioned off at The Midwest Food Bank for their 2011 Gala Dinner and Auction on April 9th.

The frame is a 24×36 Eva in the color Riviera Waters.
The print inside the frame is a metallic print with embassy texture.
Our next post will feature the twin double stack frame. If you wish to order any of these frames, please contact us for pricing, etc. See post below for additional information.

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We fell in love with these beautiful frames the first time we saw them! We just began selling these babies, and recently received our first shipment. Our next several posts will be featuring these fabulous frames.

The colors and qualities of these frames are outstanding!! We thought it was such a great idea when The Organic Bloom began making these frames specifically to fit an iPad. Isn’t it gorgeous!?!?!

We use our iPad for so many things… online access, children’s games, videos, email… the list goes on. The iPad frame works great for sitting on an easel and being out for display. It comes in handy when looking up a recipe or listening to music.

Our favorite part of the iPad frame though, is having a portable digital picture frame. We have always loved the idea of a digital picture frame but have never liked the look of those frames… until now.  It is wonderful to have an ongoing picture slideshow playing throughout the day in our home or taking it easily along with us to special events.
These frames come in several styles and the many colors you see below. For a limited time, we are selling the iPad frame for $48. All sales are final. Please see additional details below and contact us if you are interested in purchasing! 🙂
A few things to know before ordering the iPad frame:

We will not ship, so all orders need to be picked up at our studio in Bloomington, IL.
*** (UPDATE)***  We have received many emails from many of you throughout the states wanting these fabulous frames. We only provide service to central IL. If  you are a photographer, you can sell these frames as well! Just provide The Organic Bloom your business information and include your State Sales tax ID. They are an amazing company to work with!!! If you are not a photographer and not from our area, send them your Zipcode and they can connect you with your local retailer!
If you wish to place an order, please email us at or call the studio at (309) 808-1070.
If emailing: Please provide your name, phone number, frame style AND color you want. Orders will not be placed until we contact you to confirm.
The iPad frame you see in the post above is Style: Mary Ann in Color: Bahama Blue (with a black glaze).
A brown or black glaze rub over the color finish can be added to any frame for $8/frame.

This is what the finish looks like for a frame with no glaze. This is the Mary Ann style in the color Tahitian Sky:

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So our kids are getting older and that meant a new phase of life and a more functional playroom. Remodeling the playroom was our family Christmas gift to each other. When we moved into this house, this room was a dining room. Knowing that we needed it for additional space we turned it into the playroom. Eventually we puttied the walls, and painted them green with texture. Tater and his brother added the baby gate. For the first several years this room acted as a large playpen. It was wonderful. Then the kids got bigger and more toys were added making it not so baby proof. Since little furniture was in there, the kids would drag out their toys to our main living area. We knew we wanted a place that was just for them (kind of their hang out spot). 🙂 So the new phase began and the baby gate came down.

We first changed the room to a white with metallic glaze walls to make the room brighter. We also painted the furniture white. Then we added our Christmas gifts… a collection of Wild Sorbet frames, Pottery Barn kitchen set, and Land of Nod play table.

I have always struggled with knowing what my God given talents are. Talents always seem easier to find in others. I have known though my LOVE for organizing. It comes as a fault at times. Bringing me back to growing up…

I ran the sink water to get the water warm before washing my face. As I was waiting, I went back into my bedroom to get something. BIG MISTAKE! Totally forgetting that I left the water on, I began to reorganize my ALREADY organized room. After awhile I hear commotion downstairs, and my heart sank to find out what had happened. My washrag had fallen into the sink blocking the drain. During my ‘oh so organizing fun times’, the sink and bathroom filled up with water. My parents were downstairs and heard a big pop! The water had gone down to the main level and the Tiffany light on the ceiling had filled up bursting the bulb. Let’s just say the nice wood ceiling didn’t look so smooth after I gave that room a makeover. My parents were very forgiving and even gave us a lesson on water – how it comes into the house and even explained that we pay for it. ha! Something I did not know. 🙂

Okay, back to organizing. We wanted a display area for our kids’ artwork and important papers. So we use these attached to metal bars found at IKEA. The tins hold up their art and hold the girls dress up play jewelry and hair pieces inside.

I remember reading The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room when I was growing up. I was totally inspired and drooled over the closet that they had organized at the end of the story. I knew I wanted that for my kids someday. So here is our attempt. 🙂

We definitely have been enjoying our new space! Here are a few of our favorite toys besides our everyday princess shoes, dolls, legos, dinosaurs, coloring books and of course the Wii…

Calm Down Boris: a book full of tickles, kisses and giggles!

Magformers: loved by both my boy and girls.

Ball Popper: my young ones love this.

Zingo: great family game for those with young kids!

Go Fish Guys – Let’s Sing (Sing-a-long DVD): makes for a fun dance party! All of their music is fun!

Melissa and Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set: anything from Melissa and Doug is fantastic! Helps spark the pretend play for my kids.

The Jesus Storybook Bible: a great way to cuddle and end the day together.

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