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We are doing great, and we have been busy as I’m sure you all are too… We finished up the school year which seems like a blur now. I ended up having vein surgery done on my left leg from continued vericose vein pain from my 4 pregnancies. My leg is healing, and I hope the pain will be gone soon. Yay! Before all this happened, I was on a frustrating phone call with insurance. After hanging up and not getting any answers, I broke down in tears not knowing if the surgery would be covered. My daughter came up to me and asked what was wrong. I told her that my legs hurt and that I just wanted them fixed. She asked where she could kiss it to make it better for me. It melted my heart. If only it were that easy. Thank you to all of our family and friends for the help and prayers! 🙂  This week was a great week of Vacation Bible School, celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary, and taking care of sick kids. I am ready to relax a little and have it feel like summer now.

***We ARE booked for the remainder of 2011. This includes our Mak a Dif sessions as well.***  If you are interested in a session in the future, please stay tuned to the blog for further booking information. Meanwhile… you all can still get these fabulous frames from us!!!

The frame above: 11×16 Twin Double Fonzie         Inner color: Tahitian Sky             Outer color: Pumpkin
The frame below: 16×24 Twin Double Gilligan       Inner Color: Silver                       Outer color: Pewter
Here are more great products that we recently put together and gave to a fabulous client of ours:
The Grand Album: a 12×12 matted album with a frosted acrylic cover. The spine and back are lined with a shimmery metallic blue.

And here is the adorable baby annoucement:
Have a great weekend friends!
♥ Haley & Tater

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