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It’s another birthday! He’s 6 today!

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We are today’s feature on the fabulous website of Modern Mindy. Her website is full of fun and inspiration. Be sure to check out THIS fabulous party that she did for a vendor challenge. We love the colors and glam!

So if you want to learn more about us, be sure to check out the entire interview on her Friday Feature HERE or click on the picture below.

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So I am a year behind in our personal pictures, but I wanted to get a move on this album. Here is a look at Miss Paisley growing throughout her first year. The album is 10×10 inches in size. It has a padded metallic canvas cover and is printed on art watercolor paper. Enjoy!

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Meet Reagan. She is total sweetness. She was as perfect as could be for her newborn photo shoot. Here she is 8 days old.

We first met this awesome couple last October when Tater started his new job.


Check out the puckered lips.

Her hands were so fun to play with. She would grab onto things (like her toe below) or gently leave them where we placed them.

This is how she was for the entire shoot. Totally out. loved it.

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We had such an enjoyable weekend last weekend celebrating this little girl’s 1st birthday. We went with the paisley theme for her party details.

And now for part 2 of her pictures – the cake smash: The girl was all over the place. Taking a bite of cake then coming back to it. We finally got smart and put her back into the balloon basket. Paisley is non-stop moving and very vocal. By the time we were done we both had sore backs and were exhausted.

We love this one. It looks like the balloons are ready to take her off the ground, and she is desperately holding on to her cake. That a girl!

This is the party invitation that went out to our guests –

Family was welcomed by a storm of bubbles when they came to our front door –

The meaning of her name was displayed on the food table –
Paisley’s display table – a collection of moments we captured of her – 
Present time: She was surrounded grandparents, aunts and uncles, and by 19 cousins and 3 siblings. She is loved!
Waiting for her cake –

Check out the adorable hair bow. That was a gift made by our wonderful sister Denise. Denise you are beyond thoughtful, sweet, and talented!
She knew how to be the clown of the party. She would scream out and the kids watching her would laugh. Knowing that she was getting a rise out of them, she would scream out again waiting for their response. She definitely liked the attention.
A few more details –
Each of the party guests went home with a brownie pop and a balloon.
It was a fun party! Later in the week we received this gift from a dear friend. You don’t know how thrilled I was to open these little beauties for her. Little Toms shoes in Paisley print! What a thoughtful idea! Oh Cassie, you have such great taste. We love them!
Cakes: Janet’s Cakes and Catering
Your Birthday Book – a keepsake journal for her birthdays. Given by our friend Christin when Paisley was born.

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