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We have 2 fabulous frame collections for you to choose from!

The Artist Collection includes:

* Shabby Chic Frames with a variety of trim choices   * Christmas Frames   *Specialty Frames (such a polka dot, swirly frames…)


The Paisley Collection includes:

* Unique Frame Shape Options  * Hanging Ornament Frames  * The iPad Frame  * Chalkboard Inserts: This would make a great Christmas gift!! You could use them in a child’s playroom or in a main living area for some random notes. We have one in our kitchen and use it to help us memorize Bible verses. I love it!!

Frames start at $16.50. Email us at saying you want to find out more, and we will email you a link to a full price list and all the fabulous details you need to know!

*** Please keep in mind that we only service our Central Illinois area.

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