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From our home to yours! 🙂

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… or so we thought. It is hard balancing 4 kids, a photography business, Tater’s medical career, and life in general, so we told my parents that we were going to take this year “off” from doing their Christmas card. To say my mom LOVES pictures is an understatement. She definitely takes more pictures than all of us, and we are always asking her for her pictures. 🙂

As Christmas got closer, I noticed that she totally understood our situation, but I knew she wanted one done. As we thought about our parents and how blessed we were to have them, I realized, “How could I not do one for them!?!”… They do so much for us!!

I love watching my parents with all of these kids. My dad who sits on the floor playing ball or tickling them. Just the other day he was playing hide and seek with our girls and all I heard was giggles. It was priceless. My mom who makes them fun snacks and now I hear my kids say, “Will you turn my pbj sandwich into a flower just like grandma does it?” She also does a fantastic job organizing family get togethers and meeting the needs of all the kids. We are so blessed to have fantastic parents, and our kids are blessed to have them too! So here we go… this year’s Christmas card for them with their 10 grandchildren… that really did happen. 🙂

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It’s time to party! She just turned 3, so we celebrated her birthday Bubble Guppie style. Here is her 3 year old photo shoot and a peek into her Bubble Guppie birthday party.

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We love the excitement and energy this bunch of kids bring to each photo session. They are full of life and super adorable (handsome).

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