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Our old coffee table was old, scratched up, and brown. It needed a face lift. We actually weren’t using it at a coffee table anymore, so we thought of what else we could do with it. We had some chalkboard paint on hand and painted the top of the table with that. We painted the base of the table with some other paint we had left over. Color: Aqua Glow by Valspar. We are using the table in our studio as a kid’s play table.

Artwork from the kids… Can you spy: an upside down monkey with crazy long hair, a flower, a rainbow, and a whale with a polka dotted tail?

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Project # 3: Canvas for Studio Wall

For several years it has been on our brains to complete the office look in our studio. We have had the space behind our office desk plain for awhile now – waiting on an image that we both love. We knew we wanted a HUGE piece. Sale time came for one of our company vendors and so we took the plunge. We have always loved this image of our daughter, and we both knew this was the one we wanted to use. This is a 56 x  84 canvas.

This next canvas was a gift I received on Mother’s Day. It is a 24 x48 canvas. I fell in love with this right when I saw it… my loved ones holding hands on a beach. Ahh! This images was taken by Julie Campbell Photography.

One a side note: Here is an image that Tater took of me with my kiddos on Mother’s Day morning before heading to church.

I love my little ones so much, and I’m thankful to have this picture. Thank you to all of you who posted wonderful comments when posting these last two pictures on facebook last week. You all were so kind, and they were very fun to read. 🙂

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Project #2: Frame It

We were clearing out some things in our studio one night, and we came across some frame corners (samples of frames) that we are not selling any more. I asked Tater if he wanted me to just pitch them, and he said he thought he could come up with something to make out of them. Sure enough… thus the new frame you see below.

We also have been framing our pictures from our shoot taken last fall from the fabulous Julie Campbell Photography. Thank you for the wonderful memories you have given us Julie. We love having your amazing talent displayed throughout our home.
This is in our kitchen/dining area:
This one is in our bedroom:

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We have been doing a lot of studio and home projects lately.

Project #1: The Office Chair

Tater found a chair on the curb near our subdivision last October. The weather has been nice, and we now have been able to finish this one up. We are going to use it as one of our studio office chairs. Here is the before and after.

We were planning on putting silver studs on the edge of the seat cushion. Now, we are not so sure.
Projects # 2-5 coming soon! 🙂 Stay tuned!

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The weather was a bit cold and windy when we did newborn Ruby’s shoot, so we decided to reschedule the outdoor family portion for another day. It happened to be extremely hot, but they all did so great… even after seeing a HUGE spider in the tall grass. Little Miss Ruby is the 23rd grandchild for Mom and Dad (Tater’s side). There will be 24 this summer. We are so thankful for the children God has given us and a big family to love and share our lives with. Here is Tater’s brother and his family. He is blessed with girls. 😉 

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