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Here are the rest of Paisley’s pictures from her 2 year photo shoot. We made a 10×10 album for her. Here is the album cover (back/front)…and the inside spreads….

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We took Conner’s newborn pictures when he was 10 days new. He slept so great for us! We got to use our chalk table and were inspired by Pinterest with this idea shown above.
Conner’s mommy and daddy are big golfers, and they asked if we could get some golf shots in. We loved the ideas that they gave us!

The golf balls were meaningful. They had the date of the year Conner’s parents were married. The State Farm ball also shows the place where Conner’s daddy works.Even this image below has meaning to it. The first three golf balls each represent a year in which they were married. The fourth year is the year that they are being blessed with this sweet little guy. 🙂

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Here are some beautiful name wall letters for a beautiful girl. These four 10×20 prints will surely brighten up her bedroom.

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We are looking over her 2 year photo shoot pictures and are totally cracking up. This girl has personality and being a 2 year old, she could barely sit still for a second. Here is a taste of her session. This one is her giving us “the eyes.” Something one of our other daughters did as well.

Looking at herself in the camera. More to come!

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… to pour down RAIN! Our main concern was the heat of the day. We seriously had *JUST* positioned everyone for our first shot when it hit us. We heard a rustling noise through the trees and BAM! – All of a sudden we were getting poured on. We were in the timber and couldn’t tell that this tiny little of cell of rain was upon us. We did our best to hide under trees and our reflector for about five minutes. Tater grabbed a picture of us when it started. We were all hanging around deciding what to do – wondering when it would stop. It was sunny the entire time!

After the shock and laughter, we dried off the benches and ourselves a bit and tried again. It was a bit of a challenge editing the raindrops off of everyone, but we are glad we continued. We had a great time!

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Tater thought this table up on his own, and I LOVE how it turned out!

As a gift to each other for our 9 year anniversary we remodeled our bedroom. We were ready for something fresh. Our once red curtains had started becoming more pinkish color and were white on the back side from fading. Here is our bedroom makeover before and after.

We were ready for something bright and less heavy. We moved the dark pieces to our son’s room with the collection they belonged with. We brought our mirrored pieces up from the studio and used those for a dresser at the opposite wall of the bed.
That left us with no bedside tables. Tater said he would figure something out. He sure did. He started with the wood circle that we used in the background of THIS shoot. He got them out of the hospital dumpster when he was working one night. ha-ha. He spent a lot of time sanding them and the wood is now super smooth. Now it was just deciding on a base. Somehow he thought up the idea of constructing a base out of pipe. He drew up 3 different base designs I got to pick from. I love the airy feel and industrial look it gives.

The corner with the new chair is a new fun area for us. We used to have a pack in play in that area, but now we are able to drink coffee, do our devotions, or read books to the kids there. We love it for a place to just get away sometimes.

With the new sheer curtains we are now able to have a soft glow of light from the patio shine into our room. It is so enjoyable. We are thankful for our new room!

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