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This little guy surprised us and came earlier than expected. However, we’re sure it was a bigger surprise to his parents then it was to us. They went to their routine dr. appt. and found out that they were to head straight to the hospital. We were able to move his session up and capture these images on Ace’s 10th day. Here he is in all his cuteness.Here is big sister with him. We remember back to her newborn session. She now is a 2 year old full of adorable personality.  This image makes us smile every time we see it.

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This family is very special to us!

  • The dad: Always ready to give our kids a hug and a smile.
  • The mom: Feels like a sister to us and is a fun aunt to hang out with and talk to.
  • The oldest boy: The drug doctor… smart and in the thick of it in college right now.
  • The middle child: Just started his senior year. He rocked out his session you see posted below. Best wishes stud!
  • The youngest of the family and getting older by the day: Always makes our kids feel special by playing with them and making them feel important.
We enjoyed our time photographing them! We love you guys! ♥

Side note: I really struggle with coming up with a title and what to say on almost every shoot that we blog. Tater jokingly has given me a timer before and has told me to to be finished when time runs out. It only makes me more frantic!! I don’t want the usual like “Here is a peek into the session”… “This session was so fun”…. etc. So when I am at a loss for words, I usually ask Tater. He does a great job for the most part. Sometimes though he gives me craziness which we both end up laughing at and never post. Maybe I should… it probably would be more interesting.

In the one he was going to have us post tonight: He came up with the title 4 Men and a Lady. Then he said to write, ” We got tired of the lady and decided to go to Five Guys for lunch.”

Thanks babe.

If we were ever to hire an assistant for our photography business, it would be to help us in writing our blog posts. lol.

p.s. Jan, we would never get tired of you! 😉

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Meet Tyler – our studly cousin. We had so much fun with his shoot and even got to hear some of his guitar playing. It was sweeeet! Enjoy your senior year Tyler!

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It’s tradition… On the kids’ birthdays, we like to take them to their favorite restaurant, and then do a little photo shoot to remember them at that age. They all seem to like their special time, and we are hoping that continues. I always love to find out where Landon picks for his restaurant because it is usually something interesting for a kid, like Red Lobster when he was 3. This year he picked Destihl for the steak. After a great dinner we got these shots in.

Here are a few spreads of the album we made for him… capturing his goofy and funny side…
wearing one of his favorite shirts…. 
and his love for legos…

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Introducing out newest nephew: Pierce Liam. We already love him to pieces!

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