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It looks like we have a cute little pilot on our hands. This little guy will be turning 2 years old next week. He is going to have an airplane birthday party theme. I am loving seeing the vision his mommy had come to life. We were flying high with this shoot! Here he is… ready for takeoff!

This image was inspired by this post that we came across on facebook right before the session. Rocco’s mommy did an awesome job getting an aviator goggle hat last minute, and Tater made our airplane.

We had some fun with big brother too! Remember HIM? We loved playing with these boys. Here is their airplane storyboard. They were SO sweet to each other!

And now for the real thing… We were off to the Prarie Aviation Museum. We had so much fun taking pictures there. Rocco’s mommy paid our way in and let us go exploring with her little man. The people there were so kind and even gave us an open cockpit experience. We loved watching Rocco go exploring. The museum is having an open cockpit day on Saturday, September 22nd. More information can be found HERE.

Happy 2nd Birthday Rocco! 🙂

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She keeps talking how she wants to be a cowgirl when she grows up. Our kids definitely have some country in their hearts.

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Elle’s birthday shoot… She is 5 years old. She has started Kindergarten and is loving it! She is so girly and princess-like one minute and then ready to get dirty and be our crazy girl the next. She is our horse lover. She loved this day and the time we spent with this wonderful animal. A special thanks to the Kiesers for letting us use your property, horse, and show harness. We had so many pictures of her birthday shoot that we are going to show it in three parts.

1. horse love

2. future dream

3. sparkle rain

Stay tuned!

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