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This year we are providing our clients with something special for their smartphone or ipad.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

We helped the kids design their valentines for school this year. Elle picked a card for her classmates.

She wanted space to add her own little drawing. She loves to color and draw and she wanted to be sure that each of her friends at school got a little personal picture from her.
Here are her added touches:
Landon picked a bookmark for his classmates. He is into reading and thought his friends would enjoy this.

Have a great day everyone!

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Here is Part 2 of the shoot. She loves her little caterpillar as you can see HERE, but butterflies are also up there on her favorites. When we saw this dress with the butterflies hanging in her closet, we decided to use it for our inspiration for her beach session.

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We were vacationing in Florida shortly after she turned four. Our intent was to just do a beach session, but after driving by this place, we knew we needed to take some of her pictures here as well. It just screamed her name. She is an animal lover and thinks it is really fun to be 4. Her beach session will be posted later in the week. Happy Monday!

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