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We had a lot of fun with her shoot! We took it out at “the farm” where our chickens are being held for a bit. Thanks Duane and Alissa for letting us shoot at your place and for being so kind to share your property with us. It has been such a blessing to us! Here are several pictures from Paisley’s 3 year old birthday photo shoot.

She’s 3!She gets so excited to collect the eggs from the hens. By the way, these are the same chickens as the chicks HERE that we fell in love with. Had to throw this one in… if you know her, this captures part of her. 😉
and so does this…

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Outstanding in the Field… an outstanding experience. We bought the tickets as a gift for Mom and Dad and took the trip up to Saint Joseph, Michigan. It was a perfect night. The temperature was mid 70’s with a slight breeze. Amongst the craziness of life right now (buying and selling a house, finishing up a big photography project, and the busyness of family life), it was a much needed get away with some great people.

This was our long table for 160 people at Mick Klug Farm with Chef Brian Huston of The Publican in Chicago!

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It is tradition that you may bring your own plate. Or you can pick from the collection that they have. It was fun to see the variety of plates. We brought our Kalahari family plate and a plate of my Mom and Dad’s wedding china .

The tour bus. These farm dinner events take place all across the United States. 

We had a tour of the Mick Klug Farm. The family was so nice, and the farmer let us taste some of his fruit. We may have shoved a few peaches in our purse. Don’t tell. The blackberries were beyond ridiculous. So yummy.

We then enjoyed a wonderful dinner.
Sitting at the end of the table. See us at the way end with our hands up in the air? 
One of the best salads we have ever eaten!
I want to try to recreate this corn. It was so good. It had chili, lime, mayonnaise and parmesan on it. 
We loved all of the food. Here are a few more pictures to make your mouth water. 
At one point of the evening, we looked up and saw a small rainbow in the sky.

Cheers! To an outstanding event!

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