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My heart melts when we looks up and smiles at me. I am holding onto these days. Just the other day he took hold of my hand and we talked as we walk through Lowes. Be still my heart as I hold on to this moment. I love his soft heart and his desire to please us. He is growing fast. These pictures were taken this past summer. I wanted to get done editing the kids’ sessions before we move into our house. We close on the house tomorrow. Eek – so excited! Well, here we go… better late than never. His 8th birthday photo shoot:

A few of the older two together since we did their shoot the same time.

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This family is near and dear to us… This is Tater’s amazing boss and his wonderful family! If you ever have orthopedic issues, Orthopedics of IL is the place to go! Here are some favorites from their family session.

Big sports family and super talented to boot!
She loves to dress up and pretend that she is a cheetah. Love it. After the session, they treated us to pizza and a swim in the hot tub. You can’t beat that! 🙂
To the Kolb family: Thank you for all that you do for us! Happy Birthday to you, Dr. Kolb! May it be a special one! We love you guys! 🙂

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This girl has a special place in my heart.

It all started when I had her as a student in my 1st grade class. It was my second year of teaching at Peoria Christian School. I loved my job! The daily hugs I would receive as the children entered the classroom, the curriculum that we were able to teach that centered around God, and so much more! I even had parents pray over me during parent teacher conferences. It was a place where the love of God was felt and more importantly dwelling in the hearts of these kids and the staff around me. I have been able to keep in touch with a lot of my students through Facebook through the years, and I have loved it! Ever since our move away from Peoria and that job, I had a few students make special efforts to stay in touch with me. Molly is one of them. I knew she was special when she entered my life way back in that 1st grade classroom, but as time has gone on, she has meant more to me than she will ever know!

Here is a look back of a few of our times together. Where has the time gone?

And now here are some of our favorites from her session. What an amazing lady she has become!

It was only appropriate to photograph her with her violin. She has quite the talent and has just recently become the Concertmaster for Central Illinois Youth Symphony. We loved listening to her play!

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It is always a joy to photograph this family! We had a gorgeous morning out on their property. Below are some favorites from their session.

Also, a little update… We are in transition mode. We are in-between homes and a photography studio right now. We said goodbye to our home of 8 years. A home we made many memories in and brought our babies home to. It was very bittersweet, but we are excited for the new direction God is leading us in. We will be entering this new chapter of our lives next month. Things are going well. We are finishing up sessions for this year and hopefully will be getting around to blogging a few more soon. Because of the move, our sessions will start back up this coming March.

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