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December brought on

– drywallers

– other misc. projects around the house

– priming and painting

– the beginnings of new flooring in parts of the house.

We are trying to do a lot of the work ourselves, but we are hiring out several things. Drywall was one of them. It took 3 weeks for them to get it done. It was hard to stop our projects, but that gave us time to stay away from the house and focus on Christmas and family.

Got to love drywall dust:

It felt good to have walls back up.When drywall was done, this is what we found one day. Are you serious? We thought we had fixed all the leak problems. We found out this leak was coming from the snow melting on the roof and going all the way down into the foundation of our storage room in the basement. We had to move out all our wood doors in the storage room that were in there waiting to be painted and do a temporary fix on the roof.

This video captures some of the questions that we had about where the leak was coming from. It looks like we need to save up for some new siding now. We knew it needed to be changed down the road, but were not planning on it needing to be done so soon. Such a bummer.

Our House Leak from Roots Photography & Design on Vimeo.



We added a master bedroom window. It adds in extra light and makes the room feel bigger. Hard to tell here as we are working a lot at night.

Changing our door frame to white. The girls helped me tape off the right door, so I could prime it. Can you tell? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tater painting the ceilings with his sprayer.Priming and painting and painting and painting…

-walls, major trim pieces, ceilings, closets, walls, built-ins… ย The painting will continue throughout these next several months. Down the road we have a vision to case our beams with grayish old barn wood and hang 3 rustic chic chandeliers down the room on the top middle beam, but for now we like the lighter and fresher look.

Putting subfloor in the kids bedrooms. We are laying hardwood in their rooms. The floor needed to be higher to match the flooring getting put down in the hallway. So here we are adding height.Having fun and getting creative with the caulk.

I see wood flooring. Yay! We finished the girls room but had to stop halfway in the other bedroom because we ran out of wood. We will have to finish this project once more wood comes in.

Tile going in! We also hired someone to do this because it is going throughout half of the house. I was excited yet worried about this flooring. We went with a tile that looks like wood. We love the look of wood but wanted something easy and water resistant when coming in from the pool and hot tub. We absolutely love how it is looking. They are laying it close together, and we forget it is tile.

Things are coming along. We are shifting our focus to the kitchen next. If you missed the beginning of our home’s story/November’s update, you can view THAT HERE. We will see what this month holds. Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ™‚

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