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Part 3 of her shoot. We finally got to order her birthday present she had waited long for. The exciting day came when these little caterpillars came in the mail.

We watched the change and miracle of them turning into butterflies. Here was release day!

Carefully trying to get them out one by one.

The first one landed on her fingers and didn’t fly away at first. The other 2… not so much.Carefully handing it to sister. Eating butterfly cake treats after the release. We have several morning spots available for the mini sessions posted below. Please inquire for more info to

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Part 2 of her 5 year session:

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Hi! You probably thought this was going to be another house update. Nope… that will be coming eventually, but we have been switching gears some to our photography world. We just took pictures of some of the staff at Tater’s workplace, and I have to admit… I had to think twice on my process of how to load and edit images. It has been so long. But thankfully it all came back. Our third child noticed that we were taking pictures again and asked when we are ever going to do her 5-year photo shoot. She turned 5 in December. The yearly photo shoots for our kids are a big deal to them, and they look forward to them every year. Well, with the move, we kind of skipped over her birthday shoot and she noticed. We promised her that we would get to it. So when she asked on Saturday and the weather was just right, we stopped and made the morning special for her.

She loves animals so her requests were to get pictures with our new dog named Lucy, our new chicks, and her butterflies. Here is part one of her session. With her friend named Lucy.

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