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We have been thinking of a name for a place. Roots Ranch has crossed our minds but not sure. Send any great ideas our way! 😉

It has been feeling more like home for us now that we are getting settled. The work continues…

April and May brought jobs that were time consuming and showed little reward. But we pressed on.

Our goal is not to have the most amazing house on the block. Our desire is to have a home that feels clean, functions well, and can be a fun, safe environment for our family and a blessing to others. Keeping our priorities in check and focusing on what really what matters has helped us be grateful and joyful. It’s not always easy though. We have realized throughout this process how little you really can live without. I may not have an oven (hopefully by Christmas to make all those wonderful yummy cookies), but I now know what a stove, crockpot and grill can do. And then, when that oven does come, wow – how much more I will appreciate it. Even Tater just adding a toilet paper holder was a huge YAY!

This is what he ended up making me. Love his creativity.

We continued working on our basement. Remember the paint station basement? Well, we wanted that to feel more like a kid’s play area. We painted the trim, walls, and began putting back up the existing pieces that we painted.

The previous owners had this cabinet shelving which I loved for storage. We painted it white, and had a ball putting away the kid’s books and games!

We painted the floor with concrete paint, used one of our backdrops as a rug for now to warm up the space, and began getting their items in place. Someday we would like to recarpet this space, but want to be sure we have no additional water issues for awhile.Next came the storage room. This was a yucky job. MANY cobwebs in a dark and small space. Cleaning it up…We painted the trim and then the walls and switched out the outlets. We used our leftover paint from the laundry room.
Miss B. hung a picture for me so that I could enjoy my work a little more. It’s the little things. This definitely put a smile on my face. The vinyl on the floor was ripping so we decided to pull the whole flooring up. It took me about 5-6 hours to rip up vinyl in a 3×3 ft. area. I stopped when I finally realized that there must be an easier way. A phone call to my brother-in-law did the trick, and he said that he had a machine that would work. So this project got saved for a later date.
Thank you Brad for the machine! It helped a ton!

It was turning nice outside, so moved our painting outdoors. Doors were up and ready to be sprayed. My amazing Uncle Ron came and helped us with some trim and hang the doors. A BIG OOPS back in the day (November’s post) when we burned the door frames not thinking we would need them anymore. When we went to order our trim, we realized that the trim did not come with the cutouts for the door hinges. We were SO thankful for the talent that was provided for us!! My uncle is a pro in this area!One night Tater said he found a furniture piece for FREE on the side of the road that he wanted me to look at. When we drove by it was dark and cold. And at the time it sounded like another project to haul home and paint. I wasn’t so sure. We were back and forth, and we made a deal that if there were no dead animals in the drawers and he could get it in his truck, then it was meant to be. It made it home and for that I am thankful.
One drawer was broke and it was completely dirty, but we washed it down, fixed the drawer and repainted it.It now fits perfectly in the kitchen storing our china dishes and other random items. Tater even put wheels on it. It was such a fun find and totally worth the extra effort. And to think is was free. Gotta love that!
Probably the most yuck-o-rama job of this month was messing with getting rid of the wet insulation in the crawl space that had partially fallen down and preparing the flooring in the attic for the spray insulators. It is the type of job that you know is going to be beneficial in the long run, but totally stinks while you are doing it. Here is Tater in the crawl space.We had a time crunch because we told the insulation company we would be ready in 2 weeks. Well, we were pulling some *very* late nights and still could not get it finished. They had to postpone us for several days and so it actually worked out perfectly. We were able to finish just in time! Here is the flooring laid in the attic so that they could spray insulate the ceiling. This will eventually be a hideout for above L. room. Having this done made us so happy. The cold cold mornings and the hot hot days made us realize how much insulation helps!!

Spray insulation done!

With the nicer weather, we began turning our attention outdoors. The lawn needed to be mowed. The kids love riding with daddy!

But soon we realized that mowing 5 acres took time. Time that Tater did not have with his other jobs. So he looked to me. I hopped onto his lap, and he taught me how to run the thing. Taking it all in, it was now time to give it a shot. Off I went with a quick turn right, then left, jerking right, then left… I could not keep the crazy thing straight for the life of me. I could hear him behind me laughing like crazy and saying…”FOR REAL!?!”

Um, yes for real. I was really wanting to impress him. Obviously that was not doing the trick. Practice did help over the next several weeks, but I was totally embarrassed as I felt the neighbors were watching my every move. Especially when the moments came – where I would see that ball or huge stick in the yard that had to be moved… I would get the notes out of my pocket on how to put the thing in park without killing it and then get it back running again. I think I finally have the hang of it and really do enjoy mowing now.

Probably the hardest point this month was when our pool cover broke.

It really was all about expectations, and my expectations were way too high. I had myself pictured sitting pool side when the kids got out of school and us making memories at our new place with our friends and family. I soon realized that this scenario was not going to happen.

We had been having troubles with the pins breaking and the cover not able to open ever since we moved in. We even paid a pool company to come fix it, but pins kept breaking. My heart sank the night that Tater came in to tell me that our pool cover was officially broke and stuck open! The tears came and worry overtook me. I mainly feared for my kids safety as the pool is only a few feet from our back door. It was another thing that broke, wasn’t right, and was going to cost more money.

I still remember that night. Tater prayed out loud holding me as I stood there crying. I knew in the grand scheme of things it didn’t matter and that God would provide, but it was still hard. His prayer comforted me. We found out that the mechanism for the pool cover was not functioning correctly, and we were quoted a $7,000 quote for replacement costs. Money that we did not have to spend.

Thankfully Uncle Paul and a few guys came and manually pulled the cover shut as a temporary fix. While he was here, he mentioned that they could probably fix it for us for less than the cost that they quoted us. And boy, have they been amazing. Over this past month they have worked countless hours getting it working at its very best!

I have to admit, I was struggling during this time, but I also saw God working through people. Where we are weak, God is strong. He has really showed us these last few months how He can provide in the littlest of ways and in the biggest of ways. My eyes are now open more to this than ever. Thank you for all our amazing family and friends who continue to help and make a difference in the lives of others. Including ours. You know you who you are and for that we feel so humbled. To God be the Glory.

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Not a mini session fan? Neither are we. We like our clients too much, and those 20 minutes go by WAY too fast! It is hard for us to be quiet and move on. haha.
Here are a few images of some very special families… This family is one of the nicest families. So sweet and fun to be around. How cute are her glasses!?! It is always such a treat photographing this family! These kids are growing up so fast! 

This little guy has a special place in our hearts. My sister and brother-in-law have been taking care of him since he was a newborn. He feels like family. He needed someone to take care of him, so they stepped in. I have seen them take care of this little guy so selflessly, wholeheartedly, and so lovingly. 
My little nephew cracks me up. He reminds us of our littlest. Totally extreme. Here he is thinking he would get Smarties after one picture. haha.And look at him here. A few snapshots later. Oh, he makes me laugh.
We pray for you Baby A. We love you, and we ALWAYS will!

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