While journaling our house story, we don’t want to forget the little projects that helped make our house more of a home to us. We can hopefully say that we are finishing up our yucky jobs. We had previously pulled the tile off of our kitchen window ledge. It left the nasty glue that needed to be scraped off.

Cleaned off. Better.Puttied and painted white. Even better.

We decided that we are going to start the trim in our house this September. We will focus on one room a month and hopefully be done by May. A long but realistic and good goal.

We continued to hang curtains.

We also got some shelving hung. First the laundry room.Then the kitchen. Remember when we got rid of the cabinets (HERE) and wanted to do open shelving?  We didn’t want to buy cheap shelves for the kitchen, since we plan to use these shelves daily with our everyday dishes. We decided to reuse some extra shelves left over from the office. Tater put 2 shelves together, made some end pieces, and hung them securely.

I sanded them down and gave them several coats of paint. The finished look.


July 4th was our goal date for opening our pool. After feeling like we spent thousands in chemicals, we finally got the water to where we wanted it to be and made the date. Which made that first swimming date even more special! That day we cleaned out the pool closet from all the previous owners items and organized it how we wanted it to be.

Finally enjoying the pool!
A new and better working barn door was installed thanks to a very special person.
We finished painting the second half of the basement. This is where the future studio will be.And turned the dreary, dark storage room into something nicer. This storage room looked very different from when we first moved in. The conversation pit floor (HERE) lowered into this area. Making it a space where you couldn’t even stand up. Now we are able to walk in and have plenty of space.
This picture was taken after the ceiling was moved up and before we painted the ceiling, walls, floor, and shelving.
New kitties arrived thanks to some sharing friends. Meet Tiger and Sierra.
A chalkboard square was painted in our kitchen to use for messages or memorizing our weekly Bible verse.

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    thanx again for the updates I always enjoy it all

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