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Life is not picture perfect as you can tell from our last post…    And neither are our family sessions…


Do you remember 2 years ago when we did our last extended family session?  We battled a storm and other mishaps. This time it was sickness. We already rescheduled once due to a 105 heat index. So now we had the date set aside for our special family day: photo shoot, church, food, playing outside, and horse cart rides.


The night before, I noticed our little girl seemed a little warm. Bummer… She had a fever. I called everyone to let them know. Do you guys care? Should we move forward with our plans? After talking it out, we decided we will continue as planned.


The next morning came. It was a Sunday morning. We all had found substitutes for our church responsibilities. My dad had a message prepared. My mom had a vehicle loaded with food for the day. We were all looking forward to being together!! I was getting our little girl ready – curling her hair – when all of a sudden she complained of her tummy hurting and then – yes… threw up. By now it was 9:30. Everyone was arriving by 10:00!


I called my mom to ask her what to do!?! We both couldn’t decide. The mommy part of me wanted to stay with my little girl all morning near the bathroom and tend to her every sick need. The other side of me saw all the work that my family had gone to in preparing for this day… and not to mention, they were on their way!! After many back and forth conversations, they all came. We pulled the sick child in for a few shots and went forth with the rest of our day. Looking back, I’m glad we continued as we made some great memories that day.


My parents and all the grandkids.





An updated family pic… sick kid and all




8O6A0281_1  8O6A0383_1




Our Sunday morning service. Singing songs together and listening to a message. We even sat around the piano and my mom played – just like old times. ♥




Great lesson on being kind to one another…

Key verse: Ephesians 4:32 “And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.”



After lunch, we enjoyed the outdoors.



Another example that life is not picture perfect. Selfishness plays a part… Sometimes you just have to wait your turn. 😉



Cart rides




I love these 2. So thankful for the love they show and for all they do.





We finished the day playing some baseball and relaxing.



A pretty amazing non-perfect day!







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What’s up? Here are our updates:


  • Sessions! It’s that busy time of year for photographers. We have loved all of our fall shoots. Thank you to all of our amazing clients!! Maybe we will get around to posting some… but we also don’t want to ruin any of those Christmas card picture surprises.


  • Room #1 trim done. The bathroom. We got our vanity in and sinks working!! Can I get a HALLELUJAH!?! We did have to make a trip one night when we went to take showers only to notice that our toliet was still in the shower. Thankfully Tater’s parents live close, and we were able to shower there. Obviously, we didn’t think ahead. Currently working hard on the additional trim in our house!! We hope to pass up our 1 room a month goal.






  • Butchering chickens. A new experience for me. Not sure it was my favorite, although it was a very entertaining night. The kids voted that I was not a country girl. What!?! After all that feather picking, pasture mowing, pest killing, mud and poop steppin’, and nasty barn cleaning,…. you all still don’t think I have any country in me? I finally had one child vote yes, because I think she thought I wanted her to. haha. I have yet to convince them… and maybe myself too. 😉

Saying goodbye to our roosters. Things got a little messy. Yes, that’s blood folks. We don’t quite have our system down yet.

IMG_5415_1  IMG_5412_1


Working late into the night.



  • We got 2 miniature horses from a very special couple. Mother/daughter horses named Taffy Apple and Tootsie Roll. ♥♥



They are the sweetest. Painting fun!





The kids had a ball. Still painting and braiding the tail.




Learning how to clean them.



Riding the carts







  • Limestone was put into the horse stalls. The kids worked so hard, and kept chanting a teamwork cheer. We were trying to beat the rain and nightfall that was quickly approaching. It was not the most enjoyable job, but we made it a memorable night by working together and finishing the night with a pizza party.



  • We had 4 curtain panels in the kitchen that were a couple of feet short. My mom sewed additional material on so that they would go to the floor. Thanks mom! 🙂




  • NO – another roof leak!! 🙁 We had it fixed last winter when we found the mold, but it wasn’t enough. Roofers are scheduled to come out hopefully soon to completely redo 3 areas on our roof.



Tater snuck away during his lunch break to help cover the main problem area. It was POURING. I stood below under an umbrella praying that he didn’t fall and was there in case he needed anything. So thankful for him. You didn’t know that a tarp on the roof is the latest trend?!



  • New handmade mirrors made by my hubby… He was working on a project one weekend, and I didn’t know what he was up to. He surprised me by making a very large mirror for our bedroom. This mirror was the old vanity mirror in the master bath. It is extra special to me because he used the old siding from my parents’ home as the frame. I love how it turned out! He also made a small one for the girls.







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