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Things are coming together. Working on electrical. Actually I should say Tater is. I’m just nearby holding a flashlight asking…

“Are you sure that wire is not hot?”

“Ya sure?”

“I just want you safe, Honey.”

“It’s not hot, right?

…I’m not sure how much of an assistant I really am. 😉

Our large living room only had one ceiling light. At night it got dark, so we knew we wanted to add additional light at some point. Tater has been thinking up these chandeliers for some time now, and I am beyond thrilled with how they turned out. He came up with this idea one day when he found these cages in a barn. By adding a few other things, we now have 3 chandeliers going down the middle of our living room.





Ready to start the project.



Wire was carried throughout the length of the room.




Before hanging the lights, the girls enjoyed using the shades as pretend animal cages.




Deciding on the bulbs was a family vote. We originally had put in vintage light bulbs. We loved the look, but the light it put forth was too orange. The round bulbs won.



Tater put them on a remote controlled dimmer. He has completely spoiled me.

8O6A2356 8O6A2359



8O6A2333_1 8O6A2345_1


We have SO much more light now. It is so bright. Love it.



At the beginning of the month, we put in our backsplash. This was our first tile laying and grouting experience.

And yes, I’m loving the oven we waited 8 months for. We had to sand the concrete countertop a bit and cut into our cabinets to get it to fit, but we are thankful for the bigger oven and a microwave that works!

8O6A2314_1   8O6A2319_1


Just for fun. A reminder of what backsplash was here before. Super cute animals I do have to say. The ironic thing is that this was getting torn out exactly a year ago!!









We got the backsplash tile from my brother-in-law at Hartter Interiors. We also have been getting a lot of questions about our “wood” tile that you see in the above living room picture. That was also from Hartter Interiors. It has taken quite a beating with Christmas decorations, projects, kids, and moving furniture. haven’t worried about it for a bit. The fake wood flooring has been one of our most favorite investments!

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We are plugging away with our trim. The baseboard on the main level is now complete along with the upstairs room. We have enough to upgrade our basement trim down the road, so we are excited about that. plan to now add casing and sills to a lot of our windows.


December was a great time to get kicked out of our bed while we finished our bedroom and closet trim. Who wouldn’t want to relax and sleep by a glowing Christmas tree and a wood burning fire?


Here are some more before and after pictures of where we were a year ago and where we are now:


Bathroom by kitchen BEFORE:

8O6A9510_1 8O6A9511_1










Goal for this year:

  • Finishing casing and sill around window.
  • Make a light above the sink.
  • Add a door knob (I’m sure all of our guests will appreciate this one. So far we have been dealing with peepers or stuffing wash clothes into the door knob opening.)


Laundry Room BEFORE:












Goals for this year:

  • Add casing and sill to window.
  • Finish off ceiling can lights
  • Add doors and barn door track system to be able to close this area off


Under Stairs BEFORE







Bathroom by bedrooms BEFORE

8O6A9550_1 8O6A9551_1


DURING – We closed off the extra door and got rid of the closet opening up into the hallway. This allowed us to have a double vanity.








Goals for this year:

  • Make a light for above sinks
  • Fix vent area above shower
  • Add door hardware for this bathroom too!

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