It’s a new season for us… with a lot of changes.


Numbers-02_3First off, our business name has changed 


Roots Photography & Design, LLP


Roots, LLP

Our vision down the road with our business is to not just be solely photography. We hope to have branches under our name like farm life, products to sell, photography, and so forth. We will see where it leads.


Numbers-03_3Next up, projects and house changes


This was my Mother’s Day present made by Tater and the kids this year. I was not allowed to go into the barn for an entire week. They kept it a good secret. I had to close my eyes as they walked me out to this beauty:




It’s a 20′ 1″ table with two 18′ benches… all on rollers for easy movement. It works great for our big family. The kids left me little notes that already washed off from the rain. We plan to paint it someday and set it out on the back patio.




IMG_6429_2 IMG_6435_6



We have finished adding the sills and casings in our home and have spent hours getting splattered paint off our floors.

8O6A3380_1    8O6A3382_1


Our son’s room































We got rid of the extra closet to make his bedroom a bit bigger.



Other closet before:















































8O6A3368_1 8O6A3373_1


Numbers-04_3Many new babies were born this week


Roots Ranch has had a change of pace lately: A combination of taking care of our sickness indoors and special announcements coming from outside in the barn.




One of these things is not like the others…



Found our cat nestled in amongst the chickens with her own little one.



Snuggling together



The girls checking out all the activity going on in the barn and coming in to let us know of all the updates.



Numbers-05_3Lastly, we have decided to take a break from photography for now. This will hopefully be for just a season. Not sure how long the season will be. We will play that by ear and let you know when we decide to pick it back up. The main decision for this is to focus on our kiddos right now and really invest in them. They are at such fun and impressionable ages and the days are passing quickly. Photography is something on the side that we can put off for now. We thank all of our faithful clients and will miss each and every one of you!! These past 7 1/2 years of business have been fun. We will still try to blog and keep our skills up with random updates and post. And, we will still be honoring sessions with those who have gift certificates with us, so please don’t be shy to still contact us! We look forward to completing the sessions that we have scheduled!




Thank you to all our readers. We love you!

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  1. Echexlibepa May 23rd, 2015 9:17 am

    The bedroom update looks amazing! I’m sure your son loves it… Love all the new life happening in your barn. What a cool adventure for the kids to witness God’s creations! Totally understand your taking a break from doing sessions… It’s a hard balance when you love to do something, but have to spend so much time away from your littles as well. God will lead you in all your continued paths 🙂 Many blessings to your family! <3

  2. May 23rd, 2015 5:46 pm

    Wishing you God’s Blessing’s Haley and Tater in the next chapter of your life! I’m still waiting to buy that Awesome Coffee Table Book! I will, be your first customer! With Love and Prayers ~ Marcia Rink

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