I have got to admit. I was concerned a little a lot when we started this fire. It ended up being HUGE. You can see how small Tater is, but it seemed even more massive in person. It was a gorgeous evening. A full moon and a big roaring fire made for a miraculous sight.


We have been chopping down trees for 3 years now. We had already done THIS before. Either these trees and bushes were dead or were causing issues. It has led to a 19 tree stump removal this spring (2017)… more on that later. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the summer of 2015…



Another picture of us burning them.


All cleared out


We also had been having tiling issues. Water wasn’t draining properly. This gave us a nice river in our pasture whenever it rained. At least it made for a fun day of tubing for the kids!


This also backed water up into the neighbor’s yard. They had a lake in their front yard that was not supposed to be there.


Ground eroding away due to the water issue.


Dad Kieser came over to help us fix the problem.


Looking better!


Dirt was filled in making it easier for future mowing. Afterwards, we planted new grass seed and watered… My growing cowboy. 😍

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