When we had to rip up part of our deck to run wiring for the pressure tank, we decided keep on going with the rest of it.

It was a nice large deck, but we had a few problems with it:

  • Some supports were broken. We knew this when we bought the place.
  • It covered our septic access.
  • It also covered a basement window. Making a nice quiet home for our raccoon that would come every year. It also just made our basement too dark.
  • Kids would get splinters on there feet as they got in and out of the pool.




We worked as a team. Tater would get the boards off and they kids and I worked on getting out the embedded nails. We saved the wood to possibly use for a future chicken coop.






Making progress!


They girls also helped us take off our broken lattice on our gazebo.


The boards are are gone!


Our broken hot tub is gone. Yay!


This is what happens when you take a little break. Weeds take over.


Bottom part of siding is showing now what was under the deck. It was not able to get painted when we painted the house since it was underneath.



It was pretty messed up from being under the deck. So Tater removed the old siding and added new to the bottom.






Now we were able to paint. Thankfully this paint dried to match the previously painted portion. We were worried for a bit that we were going to have to paint the whole back of the house again.


We were getting close to getting a patio poured, but we had a hiccup when our pool reel for the sliding cover decided to officially break. Since this was a safety concern and a more important fix, this caused us to postpone our patio plans for now and focus on that.


Helping daddy make the cover for the new pool reel. The new reel was bigger and didn’t fit in the ground. Tater had to make a box that hid and protected the part of the reel that was coming up above ground level.


Paisley playing by me while I painted the pool reel box.


Here we are getting ready to close our pool for the season. It shows at the bottom of the picture the reel box that was made and painted. We also removed our diving board that was cracked. All of this happened from fall 2015 through summer 2016.

As I post – patio is getting poured! 5-31-17 🙂

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