Grime, dirt, and scum had built up around our place, and I spent the summer pressure washing it away – until I wore the pressure washer out so much that it broke. That was probably a good thing because I could have probably gone all the way out to the street and started working on that.




Playing around and making art was fun too. 😉




I found a few helpers. I may have offered payment.



It was a very satisfying job as you could see where you had been!


A few random projects:

Adding rock behind the barn to put the trailers on so I would ‘t have to move them in the pasture to mow every week. 🙂


Getting 1,000 gallons of water and adding it to our pool with a firehose is a weekly task for us, but it makes it super fun for the kids!


More and more wood chips being added to level out the ground behind our pasture and to keep the weeds down. Below is the mess of wood chips on the driveway.


Continuing to clear and clean up the ground.


Shortly after the patio had been poured we began having issues with our pool cover again. It wouldn’t open completely and it hadn’t even been a season since we had it fixed last. Come to find out they had put the new pool cover reel into too small of a box, so the pulley would get jammed and pushed back when trying to open. The only real solution was making the box bigger. It was hard to do because we felt like we had spent hours not too long ago making a pool reel box and cover after they had fixed it last time.


Getting serious and ready to tackle the challenge…

Don’t let this pic fool you. Tater did most of it. We are just his support and assisting team.


Cutting the concrete to make it bigger.



Cut nicely and ready to add wood.


LOOK E THERE! Box is done and pulley is AWAY from the cover. Thankfully the pool company covered the cost but the time and effort put into it was a lot. 


Next step was to create another cover to hide the box hole. We had to figure out how to hide it, have it be supportive, and yet still be able to easily access the reel. After coming up with something, we cut, fastened, and painted the new cover.



DONE!! I hope this one holds up!

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