Landon (with Tater’s help) made this amazing table for us.

We were offered my parents scrap marble piece as it was the cutout sink part from their kitchen countertop. Tater is always resourceful and know he can use things to create something new. Here is how it was made.


Reclaimed horse stall wood, Marble Top, Screws, and Biscuits


Air compressor and blower attachment, Power washer, Table saw (regular blade and dado blade), Compound miter saw, Palm sander, 4 – square, Pencil, Drill, Drill bits, Biscuit joiner, One-hand ratcheting band clamp, Tape measure, rubber mallet, and glue.



  1. Blow off dust from reclaimed horse stall wood


2. Power wash off remaining dirt


3. Measure and rough cut the edge pieces of the table.



4. Using a Dado blade, he cut the dado. This was because the marble was rough on the edges, and we wanted to hide that.


5. Cut 45 degree angles on the top edge pieces


6. Secure the top edge pieces with biscuit joints.



7. Insert the marble top into the dado


8. Clamp them together using a clamp and let glue dry


9. Measure and cut table legs

10. Sand legs with palm sander.


11. Predrill holes and attach the legs to the table top with screws


12. Sand table top edges

13. Cute and sand the supports for the legs


14. Mark the spot to pre-drill pocket holes


15. Pre-drill pocket holes


16. Screw on the 3 supports at 7 1/2 ” from the floor. We kept the front open to allow our craft cart to fit under this occasional table.


Ready to use!!!




Landon qualified to take it to the IL State Fair.


It was a fun experience. It was our daughter’s birthday, and we made a day of it! Donut party on the way down.


We had to check out the horse barn for the birthday girl!!



Here he is getting judged and explaining how he made the table.



It was a highlight checking out the new baby piggies that were just born.



Tailgating supper stop on the way home. It was a good day for a good day!

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