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These are our signature, traditional cookies that we make every year. We are selling them THIS WEEK ONLY if you would like any!

* Delivery/Local Pick-up in Bloomington/Normal and Morton
* $18 for a dozen (picture is only showing 1/2 dozen)
* Includes peanut butter and oatmeal – We feed them to our kids for breakfast because they have to be somewhat healthy, right?
* Contact us if you want some yummy cookies for your Christmas gatherings! These babies are big!



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It didn’t happen. No Christmas cards this year. It is something we love to do, and we love letting you know we are thinking of you during the Christmas season. Not to mention… we love getting them to0. Seeing the faces of our family and friends brings us so much joy!


So please don’t think we forgot you, AND keep us on your list!


We needed a change of pace since we had such an unexpected crazy and busy 2014 year. May you have a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas remembering our Savior’s birth!


Merry Christmas 2014 from Roots


Thank you to all of our wonderful clients this year!

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Here we all are. Our extended family Christmas photo shoot that we did back in the heat of summer. It took a lot to get this shot, as you will be able to see from the video below.

My wonderful parents
Mom and Dad with their 10 grandkids
Individual family shots
Push play below to see behind the scenes of this photo shoot. Enjoy our craziness!

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From our home to yours! 🙂

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… or so we thought. It is hard balancing 4 kids, a photography business, Tater’s medical career, and life in general, so we told my parents that we were going to take this year “off” from doing their Christmas card. To say my mom LOVES pictures is an understatement. She definitely takes more pictures than all of us, and we are always asking her for her pictures. 🙂

As Christmas got closer, I noticed that she totally understood our situation, but I knew she wanted one done. As we thought about our parents and how blessed we were to have them, I realized, “How could I not do one for them!?!”… They do so much for us!!

I love watching my parents with all of these kids. My dad who sits on the floor playing ball or tickling them. Just the other day he was playing hide and seek with our girls and all I heard was giggles. It was priceless. My mom who makes them fun snacks and now I hear my kids say, “Will you turn my pbj sandwich into a flower just like grandma does it?” She also does a fantastic job organizing family get togethers and meeting the needs of all the kids. We are so blessed to have fantastic parents, and our kids are blessed to have them too! So here we go… this year’s Christmas card for them with their 10 grandchildren… that really did happen. 🙂

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We had these glasses lying around our house to use for a photo shoot down the road… thinking it would be better to use them when the kids got older – so they would actually stay on! Well, Thanksgiving was quickly approaching, and we still hadn’t had time to think of what to do for this year’s Christmas card. Our calendar was looking full, and we had Thanksgiving free. So the day before, we got desparate and decided to go the glasses route. Squeezing in pictures between church and making the Thanksgiving dinner actually went smoother than we thought. Tater even had time to jerry-rig the oversized glasses to fit on our kid’s little pint sized heads. We had fun giggling with the kids trying to get them to make smiling faces to a blinking camera on a stand. So here we have our 2010 Christmas Card… Merry Christmas to all!

This little missy’s head was still a little too tiny. The big glasses kept falling off in the big group shot… so we did her own little photo shoot and used her in the real glasses for the stamp. 😉

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Thank you to all of our wonderful clients this year! We enjoyed each and every one of you! Here are a few of your Christmas orders that went out this year.

We were pleased to introduce new card styles this year. Here is one of those styles ~ our ornamental circle card.

Of course, unique products always add a special touch.

We hope all of our readers are enjoying this Christmas season!

Isaiah 9:6

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”

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to you! From us…

Here are other Christmas cards that we created for our clients… enjoy!

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