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We knocked out 3 sessions in the same day with our kids. Here is our son’s 12 year old shoot. This place with the drainage tunnel was our old stomping grounds. I had to go back and compare it to his 3 year old shoot with the same kind of look. They are scattered throughout this post so you can see the change. It seems like so long ago but yet went so extremely fast. Embrace each moment!







I feel like he looks so much like Tater here.


















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Our photography has kind of taken a back seat for a bit. I’m a doer, and its actually really hard for me to sit and edit a session. Coffee, a candle, and good music do help though! A few of our daughter’s 10 year old session pictures are below. She is growing up right before our eyes! She loves helping in the kitchen, just started playing the cello, and still loves to do farm life.





















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Thank you to all who came to our Shopping Event! Soon after that, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the wonderful ladies of The H & H Hour. If you have never listened to their podcast, it’s a must listen to! VERY ENCOURAGING! I was honored when they asked me to be a guest and share my life stories. I share some joys and trials and look back on the goodness of God!

Guest Haley Kieser – Episode 35
Released Oct 17, 2017
Our long time friend, Haley Kieser is our guest on this 35th episode of The H & H Hour. We just loved our chat with her as she shared an incredible story of waiting and trusting God for the love of her life. Haley is so full of faith and we know you will be encouraged by her story.

If you want to listen in, you can check the podcast out HERE!




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Whether it’s playing dress-up, jumping rope, or just living life in the everyday… she does it all with gusto. She’s 6 and living life to the fullest!











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8 years old for this one! Still snuggly and caring as ever. Her 8 year old shoot and album.












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So every year, each of the kids have their yearly photo shoot with us. We make an album for them and give it to them as a gift sometime throughout the year. Its tradition, and it is something they love. The kids enjoy looking back at their albums throughout the years. Here they are opening them at Christmas this year.


Elle’s was unique, and she is able to color in hers. Here is her album when it was given to her… before any coloring was done.













She has been giving it color. It’s fun to see what she adds to it!


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He’s growing up, and I’m not quite so sure how I feel about that. He’ll turn 12 in less than 2 months. Here is his 11 year old album that we made for him.












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She’s the youngest, full of life, crazy, fun, and funny! Although she is 6 1/2 now, here are her 5 year pictures in album form. Our Sweet Pea…


















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Time is flying even faster than ever. This was the year I was supposed to catch up on our blogging. We wanted to continue bits of our life and home journaling on here. We get this blog printed, and it’s so fun to look back on.

There really is no excuse. This is the first year that all of the kids are in school… leaving me home with no kids. But somehow, my days (actually 5 hrs) end up flying by and grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, personal/relationship events, house projects, etc… seem to squeeze out any extra time. And now, as I type, there are only 10 school days left until summer break. I can’t wait till I have them all back home with me. But until then, I’ll see what posts I can catch up on. Here is our little Boobug’s 7 year old shoot (in album form) taken on the east coast when we were on vacation in Feb. of 2016. She is almost 8 1/2 years old now. Yes… I’m that behind. 🙂



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Time keeps marching on. It won’t stop as much as I really want it to.

It has taken me way too long to even sit down to view and edit these images, but I don’t even care anymore, because that means I am soaking in my time with my littles. I won’t get this time back, and it’s just moving along way too quickly.


To our 8 year old daughter –


I’m glad we captured your 8 year old you. Please don’t grow up too fast…

I love when you laugh so hard you can’t stop – you show your big space in-between your two front teeth that I (your momma) used to wear. You’re a part of me, and I adore it on you.

I love when you fill me in about school and then role play the teacher role perfectly to your two younger sisters.

I love that you pick an extremely large handful of chips for your dessert. You are such a salt lover, and you know what…? It leaves more chocolate for me. 😉

I love when you kiss and hug me as loooong as possible. I’m not sure if you are really enjoying saying goodnight or just trying to prolong bedtime.

I love how you don’t care about getting dirty. You are such a great helper with tasks around the house and with the animal chores. You do your task, and you do it well.

I love that you are a dreamer like your daddy. Keep dreaming about your big horse, girlie. How many pictures did you need to paint? And how many lemonade stands did you talk about doing?

I love how you help lead devotions every morning and show such a desire to pray and read your Bible. Keep growing in Him.

We are so thankful for you, and I love walking hand in hand through life with you.
















































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