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Time keeps marching on. It won’t stop as much as I really want it to.

It has taken me way too long to even sit down to view and edit these images, but I don’t even care anymore, because that means I am soaking in my time with my littles. I won’t get this time back, and it’s just moving along way too quickly.


To our 8 year old daughter –


I’m glad we captured your 8 year old you. Please don’t grow up too fast…

I love when you laugh so hard you can’t stop – you show your big space in-between your two front teeth that I (your momma) used to wear. You’re a part of me, and I adore it on you.

I love when you fill me in about school and then role play the teacher role perfectly to your two younger sisters.

I love that you pick an extremely large handful of chips for your dessert. You are such a salt lover, and you know what…? It leaves more chocolate for me. 😉

I love when you kiss and hug me as loooong as possible. I’m not sure if you are really enjoying saying goodnight or just trying to prolong bedtime.

I love how you don’t care about getting dirty. You are such a great helper with tasks around the house and with the animal chores. You do your task, and you do it well.

I love that you are a dreamer like your daddy. Keep dreaming about your big horse, girlie. How many pictures did you need to paint? And how many lemonade stands did you talk about doing?

I love how you help lead devotions every morning and show such a desire to pray and read your Bible. Keep growing in Him.

We are so thankful for you, and I love walking hand in hand through life with you.
















































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Hey all!


How have you been? It’s been some time since we have visited our blog. We have been truly enjoying family time. And yes… we are still working on Roots Ranch. Thank you to all who have asked for updates. We hope to update you! The big projects that stand out since writing last: painting our house and barn, putting in a new pressure tank, and working on our master bath. I am hearing plumbing pipes being cut right now as I type. Hoping to get our vanity in soon!


Celebrating this guys 1/2 year birthday this week. Half birthdays are a big deal, you know. Especially for a summer birthday. You get to actually celebrate at school. His request… lunch date together at school and Krispy Kremes for his class. I think I can manage. I’m looking forward to hanging out with this young man!























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We had the privilege of photographing this sweet family. Mom was a 3rd grade teacher to our son and a fantastic one at that! To make it extra special, this little guy was born on my birthday. Here is Charlie – at 15 days…






Big sis is such a doll and is doing a wonderful job with taking care of her little brother.




8O6A2807_1 8O6A2882_1



8O6A2844_1  8O6A2865_1 




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Because sometimes you just got to include your little sister that is sitting on the sidelines and wants her picture taken too…

8O6A2077_1 8O6A2085_1

Mismatched socks and all…

8O6A2086_1 8O6A2090_1


The image cropped in shows their personalities.

1. One is sweet and affectionate.

2. The other is crazy and fun.

Can you tell which one is which? 😉





Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Last night she lost her first tooth. She had been working on wiggling that thing out for about a month now, and it was finally hanging by a thread. I told her to get a kleenex, and I would check it.

I pulled it out without her knowing and told her to go check it out in the mirror to see how loose it was.

She hopped onto the bathroom stool all ready to see her tooth hanging there. Her face was priceless. It went from -let me see- smiles to complete shock as her jaw dropped and her eyes opened very wide. Where did it go!?!

She had no idea that I had pulled it out. We all had a good laugh. Oh, to remember these special everyday moments. I hope they last.


It has been the talk of today as she playfully pushes her tongue through the space where her tooth once was.

“Look at me smile, Mom.”

“Do I look different?”

“Don’t I look soooo old with my tooth gone?”

“Do I talk different, Mom?”

Yes… my love. You are growing up before my very eyes. I am thankful that we capture these images of you to hold onto and remember you as you are today.


Our big 6 year old:




8O6A1960_1 8O6A1975_1




8O6A1985_1 8O6A2201_1












She has a love for cute and cuddly things. Wouldn’t you all agree?






She is supposed to pick her favorite 5 to leave on her bed, and the rest go in the toy chest beside her. Somehow more appear on her bed everyday. can she pick only 5 when she has a heart for them all!?! She is beginning to run out of room to sleep.

I spy her. Can you? 😉




8O6A2119_1 8O6A2140_1










It’s only appropriate since we started with a crazy face, to end with a variety of them.




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Life is not picture perfect as you can tell from our last post…    And neither are our family sessions…


Do you remember 2 years ago when we did our last extended family session?  We battled a storm and other mishaps. This time it was sickness. We already rescheduled once due to a 105 heat index. So now we had the date set aside for our special family day: photo shoot, church, food, playing outside, and horse cart rides.


The night before, I noticed our little girl seemed a little warm. Bummer… She had a fever. I called everyone to let them know. Do you guys care? Should we move forward with our plans? After talking it out, we decided we will continue as planned.


The next morning came. It was a Sunday morning. We all had found substitutes for our church responsibilities. My dad had a message prepared. My mom had a vehicle loaded with food for the day. We were all looking forward to being together!! I was getting our little girl ready – curling her hair – when all of a sudden she complained of her tummy hurting and then – yes… threw up. By now it was 9:30. Everyone was arriving by 10:00!


I called my mom to ask her what to do!?! We both couldn’t decide. The mommy part of me wanted to stay with my little girl all morning near the bathroom and tend to her every sick need. The other side of me saw all the work that my family had gone to in preparing for this day… and not to mention, they were on their way!! After many back and forth conversations, they all came. We pulled the sick child in for a few shots and went forth with the rest of our day. Looking back, I’m glad we continued as we made some great memories that day.


My parents and all the grandkids.





An updated family pic… sick kid and all




8O6A0281_1  8O6A0383_1




Our Sunday morning service. Singing songs together and listening to a message. We even sat around the piano and my mom played – just like old times. ♥




Great lesson on being kind to one another…

Key verse: Ephesians 4:32 “And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.”



After lunch, we enjoyed the outdoors.



Another example that life is not picture perfect. Selfishness plays a part… Sometimes you just have to wait your turn. 😉



Cart rides




I love these 2. So thankful for the love they show and for all they do.





We finished the day playing some baseball and relaxing.



A pretty amazing non-perfect day!







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1- Landonfreespirit_whcc10x10Cover10spreads
Last year I was asking him…

“Are you talking to other kids?”

“Are you keeping a lookout for the kids who may be lonely or need a friend?”

He was really good friends with a few boys. We call them the 3 amigos. I could tell that they loved being together, which is great. I just wanted to teach him the importance of thinking of others and not just get caught in his little circle of friends.

I knew the move would change the school our kids went to, who their friends would be, and so on. It was a big prayer we had on our hearts when deciding to move. We knew it would affect our kids in many ways. We finished out the school year at the school we were used to. This past month brought a new school, new surroundings, new teachers/staff, and new friends.

On the first day, we anxiously awaited the bell to ring. The kids were excited and nervous as they waited to enter the new building. We talked over the building layout and where their next steps would be. As a mom, I wanted to be sure they knew where they were going to go.

Both kids were standing by me, but I remember focusing in on Landon. Being the older child, he was more aware. Really thinking about things and worried where he would stand…

“Mom, I saw that the second grade class had a picture of the water cycle. I don’t really know the water cycle yet. Will I not be as smart at this school?”

The bell rang and the school doors on that first morning opened. He grinned, and gave a huge heavy quick sigh…Kind of like… I can do this.

As I sent them off, I held back the tears and prayed for them many times throughout the day. Pick up time came… As we drove home after school, I asked him his favorite part of school. And his not so favorite part…

To his reply… “Well mom, I didn’t like lunch and recess very much. I didn’t know anybody. Since I had cold lunch I found an empty table and sat down. As the kids went through the lunch line, girls started sitting by me. I was the only boy at my table. I didn’t talk the whole time. I am not sure if it was a girls table from last year or if I was supposed to be at another table or what. At recess, I didn’t know who to play with. I saw a group of boys playing tag and so I asked if I could play with them. The boy said yes, but they didn’t really include me because they don’t know me.”

The next day dropping him off at school was a bit harder. There was an even heavier sigh as he left the van, and I drove away with tears. That first few days were hard, but the week got better. His teacher did an amazing job doing activities to get the kids to know each other better.

As hard as it was watching my child go through a tough time, I am so thankful for the character he was building. I was proud of him for being brave enough to ask a boy he didn’t know to play. He could experience first hand what it felt like to be on that side… feeling like the odd one, the lonely one. I hope that he remembers this and looks for those kids who maybe are struggling just like he was and be a friend to them.

He is enjoying school a lot better… still is a bit nervous though. He asks for hot lunch the majority of the time so he has time to eye the table he feels comfortable at. If he wants cold lunch, he has found buying milk helps him buy a little extra time. We keep talking about when he gets to junior high he will know kids from 2 schools and what a blessing that will be!

“Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”

Joshua 1:9

And now the rest of his album spreads from his 9 year old photo shoot:












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Just being goofy. Hanging on me like they do everyday. 😉

More silliness. Crossing the eyes is always bound to get sisters to laugh.Love how the littles admire the older ones. Praying their friendship lasts a lifetime.

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Three of our children have summer birthdays. It’s tradition to do a yearly photo shoots with them. I had totally forgotten about it until the first birthday was almost here. Tater’s parents gave the girls dresses for their birthday presents. How could we not use these beautiful Dollcake dresses for it?!? First up… Our youngest. She’s Four!!

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