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I think it is important to note the timeline on most of these projects – especially this one. I know sometimes when I watch a remodeling show I think, Wow – how quick that seemed to take! That is so nice for them but… Why is ours taking foooorrrrevvvver?!? Just as those shows are condensed into 30 min. – 1 hr. highlights, our posts also only show the highlights. There are definitely frustrations with many of them. The thing we always say together during our projects is that it usually looks worse before it looks better. And yes… patience is the key to many of them!

Our goal was to finish our Master Bath within the first 5 years of moving in. Sharing one bathroom as a family of 6 was sure cozy.

This project took 3 years, and now it is complete. The funny thing is, the kids still love to congregate and use our bathroom now. So it sometimes feels like we are still all sharing one bathroom. 🙂

Here’s a look back –


Year 2013

Here are some before pictures. We may have posted them before. They definitely have me going down memory lane. When we first moved in the bathroom and closet were separate and both very small. Tater couldn’t stand under the shower head. Our decision was finalized about redoing this bathroom when we went down to studs at this end of the house HERE at the beginning.







This shows the area a bit better. There were 2 doors. Bath on the left. Closet on the right. We closed off the door on the left. And added a pocket door on the right. Our bath and closet will now be together providing us a bigger space.


Insulation in.


Drywall up.




Plumbing reworked.



Tater added a window. There was no window before. This has been one of my favorite things. Love the natural light!


Both of our dads helped. 💙



Shower base in.


Year 2014

Flooring going down. Tater spoiled me with heated flooring.


Matt Gentes laid our tile in most of our house and did a fantastic job.


We also added baseboards and a toilet.


Moved in – April 2014

Our makeshift closet.


Year 2015


We got our glass shower surround, and our closet moved to the basement for the time being.


Matt came back and added our shower tile on the back wall.



We began planning what we wanted our closet to look like. Since it was connected to the bathroom and would be out in the open, we wanted to keep it nice. We found these 2 cabinets at Sam’s Club. They work great for storing some of our clothes. We began coming up with ideas on how to hang clothes, etc.



Our drywall was torn in a few places (around the can lights and vent fan). We wanted to add some character to this space as well. Tater began adding some wood to our ceiling that we would paint white.




Adding it up into our skylight. We also trimmed our ceiling.


Year 2016

Our vanity came!



The water line and drain pipes interfered with the bars on the back of our vanity, and the pipes were definitely not lined up correctly. We had not picked out our vanity before to know, and so here was another dilemma. As most projects go, one step forward and two steps back. We took down some of the drywall to rework pipes.


Repatching and on the path to make it nice again.


Vanity in and faucets hooked up!


Yay for running water!


Our attention then turned back to our closet. We lifted the cabinets up to the ceiling and Tater began building drawers to go underneath.


I also found a matching shower bench at Home Goods. 


Tater had never made drawers before, but they turned out fantastic. We have 4 deep drawers now providing great storage.


These were our curtains for quite awhile. You’re jealous, aren’t you? The trash bags actually worked out rather nicely for the time being.


I do have to say that I loved when we finally got blinds. Tater also made the wood valance.


He surprised me and threw in a little trinket tray while he was messing with wood.


Next up, mirror and vanity lights. Tater made the frame for our vanity mirror. We decided we wanted 3 lights. Notice that there are only 2 lights coming out of the wall. Looks like more drywall is coming down. 🙂


A vent pipe was right in the middle – in our way… reworked that a bit.


If their is one thing I’ve learn about Tater with home projects, is that he is very thorough. He does not rush through anything. He thinks it through and is precise with the work he does. He does not do anything halfheartedly. He gives it his best. The math markings on this wall were very thought out. We had to tell the glass company where we wanted our cuts, and we didn’t want to be off.


Mirror and lights were hung. We are enjoying our finished Master Bath!




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We did several wood projects below:

First of all, Landon made a Farmhouse Address Sign for our house a few summers ago for 4-H. We got the idea online and wanted something similar for our place. Here are the details if you are interested in making one!




  • Old barn door wood
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Caulk
  • House #s
  • Plastic bag
  • Potting soil
  • Succulents


  • Table saw
  • Compound miter saw
  • Circular saw
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Pry bar
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Tape measure
  • 4-square
  • Caulk gun
  • Pliers
  • Awl
  • Rubber mallet


Here is what the old barn wood started as. We used a chisel, hammer, and pry bar to remove old hardware and nails out of the wood.





Then we were able to cut it to the size of our liking using a circular saw and table saw.




Next, he measured the reclaimed wood for the planter box.


He used a 4-square to mark the wood.


Then we used a compound miter saw to cut the wood for the planter box.


He drilled partial holes in old door supports and used screws to make the sign more sturdy as the old nails had loosened over time.



Then they attached the planter box to the sign using screws.


Then he ripped more barn wood to the thickness of the sign.


They used the compound miter saw to cut wood to make a frame.





They secured the frame with screws.


Next up were the house #s. They used an awl to mark the location of the drill holes.



We caulked the back of our numbers so that insects could not make nests and burrow in behind the numbers.


We drilled holes for the numbers slightly smaller than the stud that was on the back of the numbers. After that, we used a rubber mallet to tap the numbers in place.


Looks like a sign! Now the fun part for me.


We lined the planter box with a plastic bag to keep the soil moist after watering and not drip mud onto our house siding. We filled the bag with potting soil and planted our succulents. 


Ready to hang on the house!


It was a fun project, and he ended up getting Best of Class. I love seeing it hung on the house knowing they made it in love for me. 


While working on the address sign, another wood project was going on.  Tater made me a huge planter box for our front yard. You may have spied it in our house painting post. It was not yet painted. He used my parents old siding. We have used their siding to make so many things! The girls enjoyed using it to play in for the day.




He also added a nice wood back to our dinner bell and hung it on the house. 😍

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We had ordered some wire from Vintage Wire and Supply for our light project. The company sent some fun extra wire for us to enjoy. Our son was excited to use the wire, and the guys used it to create a vintage hanging light together. They ended up writing out the steps to use for his 4-H presentation.

This is what he put together… just in case you’re interested in making your own fabulous vintage hanging light. 🙂























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Tater thought this table up on his own, and I LOVE how it turned out!

As a gift to each other for our 9 year anniversary we remodeled our bedroom. We were ready for something fresh. Our once red curtains had started becoming more pinkish color and were white on the back side from fading. Here is our bedroom makeover before and after.

We were ready for something bright and less heavy. We moved the dark pieces to our son’s room with the collection they belonged with. We brought our mirrored pieces up from the studio and used those for a dresser at the opposite wall of the bed.
That left us with no bedside tables. Tater said he would figure something out. He sure did. He started with the wood circle that we used in the background of THIS shoot. He got them out of the hospital dumpster when he was working one night. ha-ha. He spent a lot of time sanding them and the wood is now super smooth. Now it was just deciding on a base. Somehow he thought up the idea of constructing a base out of pipe. He drew up 3 different base designs I got to pick from. I love the airy feel and industrial look it gives.

The corner with the new chair is a new fun area for us. We used to have a pack in play in that area, but now we are able to drink coffee, do our devotions, or read books to the kids there. We love it for a place to just get away sometimes.

With the new sheer curtains we are now able to have a soft glow of light from the patio shine into our room. It is so enjoyable. We are thankful for our new room!

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Project #2: Frame It

We were clearing out some things in our studio one night, and we came across some frame corners (samples of frames) that we are not selling any more. I asked Tater if he wanted me to just pitch them, and he said he thought he could come up with something to make out of them. Sure enough… thus the new frame you see below.

We also have been framing our pictures from our shoot taken last fall from the fabulous Julie Campbell Photography. Thank you for the wonderful memories you have given us Julie. We love having your amazing talent displayed throughout our home.
This is in our kitchen/dining area:
This one is in our bedroom:

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We have 2 fabulous frame collections for you to choose from!

The Artist Collection includes:

* Shabby Chic Frames with a variety of trim choices   * Christmas Frames   *Specialty Frames (such a polka dot, swirly frames…)


The Paisley Collection includes:

* Unique Frame Shape Options  * Hanging Ornament Frames  * The iPad Frame  * Chalkboard Inserts: This would make a great Christmas gift!! You could use them in a child’s playroom or in a main living area for some random notes. We have one in our kitchen and use it to help us memorize Bible verses. I love it!!

Frames start at $16.50. Email us at saying you want to find out more, and we will email you a link to a full price list and all the fabulous details you need to know!

*** Please keep in mind that we only service our Central Illinois area.

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We are doing great, and we have been busy as I’m sure you all are too… We finished up the school year which seems like a blur now. I ended up having vein surgery done on my left leg from continued vericose vein pain from my 4 pregnancies. My leg is healing, and I hope the pain will be gone soon. Yay! Before all this happened, I was on a frustrating phone call with insurance. After hanging up and not getting any answers, I broke down in tears not knowing if the surgery would be covered. My daughter came up to me and asked what was wrong. I told her that my legs hurt and that I just wanted them fixed. She asked where she could kiss it to make it better for me. It melted my heart. If only it were that easy. Thank you to all of our family and friends for the help and prayers! 🙂  This week was a great week of Vacation Bible School, celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary, and taking care of sick kids. I am ready to relax a little and have it feel like summer now.

***We ARE booked for the remainder of 2011. This includes our Mak a Dif sessions as well.***  If you are interested in a session in the future, please stay tuned to the blog for further booking information. Meanwhile… you all can still get these fabulous frames from us!!!

The frame above: 11×16 Twin Double Fonzie         Inner color: Tahitian Sky             Outer color: Pumpkin
The frame below: 16×24 Twin Double Gilligan       Inner Color: Silver                       Outer color: Pewter
Here are more great products that we recently put together and gave to a fabulous client of ours:
The Grand Album: a 12×12 matted album with a frosted acrylic cover. The spine and back are lined with a shimmery metallic blue.

And here is the adorable baby annoucement:
Have a great weekend friends!
♥ Haley & Tater

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Introducing the Twin Double Stack Frame. The name says it all. This is a 16×24 Mary Ann frame. The outer color is Dragon Fruit and the inner color is Sunkissed.

*** Order yours today! See below for more information. ***

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More frame goodness… the beautiful and curvy single frame.

When coming up with an art photograph to display in this unique frame, we were deciding between 2 images. We had a family vote and with a split decision, “The Tiger With No Teeth” (as our kids would say) became the winner! Here is “The Tiger With Teeth” image that didn’t quite make it. 😉

This frame and “The Tiger With No Teeth” art print by Roots Photography & Design will be auctioned off at The Midwest Food Bank for their 2011 Gala Dinner and Auction on April 9th.

The frame is a 24×36 Eva in the color Riviera Waters.
The print inside the frame is a metallic print with embassy texture.
Our next post will feature the twin double stack frame. If you wish to order any of these frames, please contact us for pricing, etc. See post below for additional information.

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We fell in love with these beautiful frames the first time we saw them! We just began selling these babies, and recently received our first shipment. Our next several posts will be featuring these fabulous frames.

The colors and qualities of these frames are outstanding!! We thought it was such a great idea when The Organic Bloom began making these frames specifically to fit an iPad. Isn’t it gorgeous!?!?!

We use our iPad for so many things… online access, children’s games, videos, email… the list goes on. The iPad frame works great for sitting on an easel and being out for display. It comes in handy when looking up a recipe or listening to music.

Our favorite part of the iPad frame though, is having a portable digital picture frame. We have always loved the idea of a digital picture frame but have never liked the look of those frames… until now.  It is wonderful to have an ongoing picture slideshow playing throughout the day in our home or taking it easily along with us to special events.
These frames come in several styles and the many colors you see below. For a limited time, we are selling the iPad frame for $48. All sales are final. Please see additional details below and contact us if you are interested in purchasing! 🙂
A few things to know before ordering the iPad frame:

We will not ship, so all orders need to be picked up at our studio in Bloomington, IL.
*** (UPDATE)***  We have received many emails from many of you throughout the states wanting these fabulous frames. We only provide service to central IL. If  you are a photographer, you can sell these frames as well! Just provide The Organic Bloom your business information and include your State Sales tax ID. They are an amazing company to work with!!! If you are not a photographer and not from our area, send them your Zipcode and they can connect you with your local retailer!
If you wish to place an order, please email us at or call the studio at (309) 808-1070.
If emailing: Please provide your name, phone number, frame style AND color you want. Orders will not be placed until we contact you to confirm.
The iPad frame you see in the post above is Style: Mary Ann in Color: Bahama Blue (with a black glaze).
A brown or black glaze rub over the color finish can be added to any frame for $8/frame.

This is what the finish looks like for a frame with no glaze. This is the Mary Ann style in the color Tahitian Sky:

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