Ok, so you’re wanting to know what Tater’s senior pictures look like since I had mentioned taking WAY TOO MANY on the podcast

Here are a few. 🙂


He definitely had a unique photography session. With this picture he won best senior picture for his high school.  🙂 Too bad I didn’t get my hands on this one back in the day. 😉

Love my farm boy.



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We have some fabulous GLOWING products for you at our Roots Retail Shop!


Wood Block Candle Holders.

Come in Double and Single. Fits standard tea lights.


Flameless Tea Lights even look great!




Next up, our Vintage Cage Pendant Hanging Light.

This is one of our most popular items. Can be hung under bunkbeds or on any rod or bar.

Vintage plug with on/off switch. The one featured below is a silver cage with white cord.





Lastly, we can’t wait to get our glow on with the Concrete Tiki Torches

Come in 3 colors (gray, tan, and dark bronze).





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Our photography has kind of taken a back seat for a bit. I’m a doer, and its actually really hard for me to sit and edit a session. Coffee, a candle, and good music do help though! A few of our daughter’s 10 year old session pictures are below. She is growing up right before our eyes! She loves helping in the kitchen, just started playing the cello, and still loves to do farm life.





















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We were getting close to carpet installation. We just had to fix a few of our stairs. Some step heights were bigger than others.



We also had a section at the bottom that had hard raised glue from the tile that was placed there before. Tater used a concrete sander to remove it. It created a nice layer of dust all over the house, but we were thankful we wouldn’t feel any bumps under the new carpet.


New electrical plugs were switched out. Floor ready for carpet.



Carpet in!



Kids already enjoying it…


That night, it stormed creating a perfect reason for a family slumber party in the basement.


Shortly after the carpet was laid, one of the girls came up from the basement with wet socks. We had water coming from somewhere. After 3 events of finding water and trying to dry the carpet back out, we finally found that it was a leak coming from a cracked iron filter tank. Although it was a pain and something that was not ideal for new carpet, it could have been worse. However, I may have squeezed a stress ball a little too hard one day and this is what happened. Oops! Life is not perfect and over and over again we have said… this world is not our home.


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Our daughter wrote out this verse the other day as she was memorizing it. I felt so much love from her as she handed it to me and said, “I made this for you.”

To think that God loves us more!


Here is a product we designed to help us remember how far the love of God stretches out to us!

‘Everlasting Love’ 10×10 designed wall art in a handmade reclaimed wood frame.

Overall dimensions 14 1/8″ x 14 1/8″




Shop HERE at our Roots Retail Shop

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And the 2017 projects continue…

For 3 years of living here we have lived with seeing unfinished wood steps as you walk into our front door. We tried to make them pretty for the time being by painting them gray. This year… we decided to give this first room of our basement a little more attention. Our house has a lot of tile and wood floors. We wanted a place for the kids to wrestle, tickle, roll around, and play. So the long awaited plans for carpet began!

Some before pics. Wood steps. No railing.


Definitely not kid friendly.


Here is an unfinished bathroom right when you walk down the basement. We tore this down to studs and plan to leave it unfinished for now. That will be another project in years to come. Possibly when we add another bedroom in the future??


We had painted the walls and added baseboards in previous years, so this is what it looked like when we started this year.


We wanted to add some character in this room since we do not plan to put any furniture in it for now. Just a space for the kids to run around, be crazy, and play. So we decided to add a wood wall. Here we are letting the kids color and write on the wall that will be covered in wood.



Added trim and a door to our crawl space opening.

Fun place for the kids to play while we work on the wall.


Wood wall is up


Added bigger trim around the doors since we had it leftover from our upstairs. One of those things we didn’t want to do at the time, but we knew it would have never gotten done if we didn’t do it now. Love the bigger trim.


We had to come up with a railing that would help protect kids as they came down the stairs but also not block furniture from being moved up and down the stairs. Came up with this last minute. 


Filling nail holes, sanding, priming and painting.



Upstairs we decided to change out our railing before carpet came. This post was wobbly, and we wanted a more industrial look.




This is what it looked like in the the process..



Rods and old white railing top inserted into wood posts.


Cleaning the pipes with steel wool. Making them nice and shiny!


4 rods down. 2 more to go.


At this point we were getting closer to the carpet install. More to come!

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I love this beauty that Tater made for the shop. It’s such a unique frame! This baby is big! See below for details!


Very Large 16×20 Opening Frame – perfect for adding your favorite picture or a mirror.

Dimensions are 38 1/4″ high x 42″ wide.

Unique reclaimed weathered wood with white paint.

Close up 🙂

Inspirational Pictures 


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Thank you to all who came to our Shopping Event! Soon after that, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the wonderful ladies of The H & H Hour. If you have never listened to their podcast, it’s a must listen to! VERY ENCOURAGING! I was honored when they asked me to be a guest and share my life stories. I share some joys and trials and look back on the goodness of God!

Guest Haley Kieser – Episode 35
Released Oct 17, 2017
Our long time friend, Haley Kieser is our guest on this 35th episode of The H & H Hour. We just loved our chat with her as she shared an incredible story of waiting and trusting God for the love of her life. Haley is so full of faith and we know you will be encouraged by her story.

If you want to listen in, you can check the podcast out HERE!




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    […] Ok, so you’re wanting to know what Tater’s senior pictures look like since I had mentioned taking WAY TOO MANY on the podcast… […]




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– Tater and Haley

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  1. Leanne Harrell wrote: I love everything shown here! All the work has been beautifully done! Can't wait to come and see everything in person! See you on the 14th (10/03/17, 7:49 am)


We are to our 2017 projects! This year began by giving our counter and house some added reinforcements. We noticed that the lower portion of our cabinets were cracking, and I did not want to fret over the safety of the kids leaning on the counter. We added this post (an old post from my parents front porch). Tater and Landon also used some jacks gifted to us from Mom and Dad Kieser to support underneath the counter in the crawl space. Better to be safe than sorry!



Post added


Beefing up the floor.


When we added the post, it scratched the white painted floor.


So that was next on the list… getting ready to paint the post and floor.


Shiny and new (for now) 😉


The post has been a great addition and my peace of mind is all worth it. ☺️



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